I Watch As My Wifes' Feet Get Tickled By Someone Else

The greatest passion I share with my wife is watching her cute little feet get tickled by another man. One evening my wife and I stopped at a local bar for a drink. My wife never goes anywhere without her feet pedicured perfectly. As luck would have it, as we sat at the bar a young man came to talk to us. The conversation turned to his attraction to womens' feet. After a couple of drinks my wife blurted out to our new friend how much she enjoys having her feet tickled. It wasn't long before the conversation turned to going to our car with our new foot tickler. My wife and him climbed into the back seat while I watched from the front. He gently slipped one shoe off her bare foot and raised it up to his lips to kiss her toe. Then he began to slowly stroke his fingers up and down the sole of her foot making it twitch and jerk. Before going any further he slipped off her second shoe and put both feet on his lap. At that point he lifted his one leg over both her feet at the ankle to trap them. He then proceeded to perform his tickle attack on my wifes' feet as she laughed and giggled uncontrolably trying to wiggle free. I looked on with sheer amazement and excitement while she screamed for foot tickler to "stop, stop it tickles so bad, please". Without hearing a word he kept stroking and tickling.
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Is this really true? It sounds almost too good. I would love to watch my wife get tickled. I can't really think of a better fantasy. I wonder if any wives realize how unbelievably exciting that would be for some husbands. Of course there are always those who would be too jealous to enjoy it at all.

I would love to tie up your wife in a very compromising situation and tickle her bare feet as I took advantage of her sexually. She would of course have to enjoy it - i.e., being totally helpless and unable to prevent herself from *******!!!

Has she ever orgasmed from getting tickled?

I would like to tickle her feet in stocks, while you watch.

Would your wife consider having her feet tickled in stocks?

I'd love to have the chance to tickle her bare soles in the stocks.

Nibbling on your wife's toes would be a fantastic turn on for me. Slowly, softly and push my wet tongue in between each toe as I tickled her soles!

I thought I was unique. I would love to watch someone tickle my wife's feet and also nibble her soft toes. I think I am voyeur when it come to that. Definitely a turn on.

Or taken me home and tied me up in the nude and do whatever you like! What am i saying here, hey, I'm too ticklish for something like this!

You should've brought him home and let him tie your wife up in the nude and let him do whatever he wanted and tickled her bare feet while he did it.

Very nice story.. Thanks for sharing!

Love to put my fingers and tongue to work on your wifes perfect size 5's, OMG I'm going to fantasize when I'm in the sack with my wife tonight, even though she won't even let me touch her feet, I can still fantasize, and I thank you for this great refelation of your experience.

I too get very turned on by watching another man remove my wife's pumps and get to know her bare feet. After watching him work on her gorgeous size 8w's I'm ready for action in the sack.<br />

Oh man, how I wish that I was the LER here.