Especially Since I Am A Police Officer!

Gotta be careful in my line of work! You learn being a police officer that the really wise people are the ones who think three times before doing anything. Wise people are the ones who think about the choices they are about to make. You have to do that when your work for any police department though, and you learn it quickley because the Job, (as we like to call it), will grind that in to your skull very quickley. Those who don't learn how to think carefully before they act get demoted, have pay taken away, or get suspended for long periods of time without pay. Sometimes, worse than that has happened. But I love my job, and I'm glad I have it because at the end of the day, it is a valuable lesson to learn about being extra careful about your actions and words. This is something that I never used to give much though to before I got this job. I see the difference in myself. I am not the same person I was when I got this job. I have grown and become a better person in my opinion. I have found that my watchful eye has not only helped me in my job, but it has overflown into other areas of my life that deserve that kind of attention. In short, I think that we ALL would benefit greatly if we would give extra consideration to things before we just leapt out of the tree of life to see what awaits us at the bottom.
jennywawa88 jennywawa88
22-25, F
Feb 24, 2011