Carmella, I Mean Nurse Jackie....

In the Sopranos, Tony's wife Carmella (Edie Falco) yearns for the family priest, a young, timid and pious person, for an episode or three. Tony is ignoring Carmella and, frankly, their marriage sucks. Nothing ever happens. Carmella is a good Catholic who turns the other cheek when her hubby is bashing skulls and mobbing it up. Fast forward to Nurse Jackie, who getting it on a multiple-times-per-week basis from the hospital pharmacist who, ingeniously, has a comfy cot in the pharm storage area. Guess who's plays the role of the hospital pharmacist? Same actor who played the meek priest.
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I've never seen Nurse Jackie, but that is a very humorous coincidence.<br />
I remember thinking the scene in Sopranos, where Carmella offers Father Phil an intervention regarding his hands-off-yet-hands-on-approach, was one of the funniest and most astute observations of social dynamics. <br />
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The relationship explored in that scene, the whiff-thing, is so very common. I sometimes think it greases the gears of our modern and fully integrated corporate-society. The whiff-thing is a distraction, but also a motivating influence. Pack 100s of people (men and women) into nondesc<x>ript and soul crushingly anonymous cubicles, add a pinch of the latest fashions from Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue, add a dash of social-commiseration over unreasonable deadlines and annoying bosses, then stir in the occasional office party with after-hours drinks. Now that's quite a dish.

I remember the scene well. There was an energy and attraction and a feeling shared with all of the viewing audience that this is very wrong. Implicit, I believe, to David Chase's thinking was that ill feeling of wrong-doing put skin-to-skin with the entire premise of the friendly mobster thugs; we became accustomed to their brutality yet find a mere sniff of illicit romance appalling. I imagine Chase with a slight, wry grin, thinking about how long those in his audience of millions took to get that one.

Right, isn't that ironic. He's not the only Sopranos costar to be included in the show. I prefer Edie's character in Nurse Jackie. She's strong willed & doesn't depend on any men to get what she needs. A completely different role altogether.

Yup. Of course now Jackie is in a bit of a pickle. Heavy, heavy recommendation from me: The series "Weeds." Geez is that enjoyable and funny.

Yep, seen that one too Kathryn1985. Well all the seasons up to the last one. I don't know, I haven't been the mood to see it lately. • Oh yeah, a big giant dill pickle!

Eddie,<br />
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Take out the first-season series out of the library or dload from It's funny. Yeah, me too. Loved the Sopranos.

Hah! I've yet to see Nurse Jackie but I used to watch The Sopranos religiously. Miss it.