Season 4

Recently I rewatched seasons 1-3 again, they were available 'on demand' from my cable company. I had forgotten a few things. Even though I had seen these shows a couple times, it all seemed fresh, like I hadn't. I don't know if that's because I'm experiencing some form of dementia or that its so well acted I didn't mind, I mean I could rewatch them again and again, they are sooooooo entertaining.

In my last story about Nurse Jackie I had just finished watching season 1. So I wrote about the premise of the show & the quality of the production. In season 2-3 more time was spent on character exploration and I'm not just talking about Jackie. Zoey her intern (Meritt Weaver) took on a supporting role at All Saints (the established setting for the show). I think she really adds an important dynamic to the ensemble of characters which include Thor (Steven Wallem) and Sam (Arjun Gupta), also ER nurses. We learn more about 'Coop' (Peter Fascinelli), another doctor besides O'Hara. Plus their supervisor Gloria Akalitus (Ann Deavere Smith) as she becomes less of a figurehead and shows more of her nursing expertise and human qualities. There's Lenny (Lenny Jacobson) the EMT who loves to hang out and in season 2 begins dating Zoey. Unfortunately we didn't learn very much about Mohammed 'Mo mo' (Haaz Sleiman) her best pal, he was replaced in season 3 by Sam. Each show we learn a little about the patients and what brings them into the setting. Some are just for one show, some come back into later shows. Steve Buscemi, a cast member of Edie's on The Soprano's has directed several episodes. His brother is one of those people that is in some shows and not others. He plays God, the schizophrenic person who lives across the street from the hospital yelling at those walking past. Jackie's children & husband also add another dimension to her life. We learn her eldest daughter Grace (Ruby Jerins) has anxiety disorders & how Jackie's life is impacted due to it. Her husband Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) is still a mystery. There's very little information shared about him. Not sure if it'll be shared in future shows or seasons. Eddie (also a previous costar from The Sopranos) her ex-boyfriend leaves then returns to All Saints. He's sneaky & persistent. He too is a bit of a mystery since very little is shared about his character & past apart from the time he's spent with Jackie.

In season 3 Jackie's addiction began to impede her life more prominently. Now in season 4 we see how her decisions have brought her to this point and how she will handle it. New characters have been added to keep the show more exciting. We will see how it turns out.
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May 8, 2012