The Best 5 Minutes

Nurse Jackie has excellent screen writing, direction & acting. The following is from 'Game On' (season 3, show 1). To me this is the best 5 minutes of the series.

Zoey, Thor & Sam are sitting in the receiving CSR area of the emergency room. Zoey stands to greet someone.
Zoey: May I help you?
Kevin: I'm here to see Jackie Peyton.
Zoey: And you are?
Kevin: Her husband.
Zoey has a perplexed look upon her face.
Zoey: Jackie's not married.
Kevin: Yes, she is.
Zoey: Would you be so kind as to, perhaps, show me some ID, perhaps.
Kevin takes out his wallet & slides his ID under the window. Zoey takes it, examines it. Thor stands to examine it too. They both realize, yes, Kevin is Jackie's husband. A non-verbal realization is exchanged between them. Kevin tilts his head to the side & gives her a see, I told you so look.
Thor to Kevin: Very photogenic.

In the pharmacy room Jackie, Coop & Eddie are discussing the cost of Coop's new shoes.
Jackie: $17
Coop: No, More. Way more.
Eddie: $10,000.
Coop: Ok no, your not even trying.
Zoey walks in. Stands beside Jackie. They are all looking at her. She takes a deep breath & blows it out.
Zoey: Jackie, your husband is here to see you.
Jackie puts on her wedding ring & leaves the pharmacy area while Coop & Eddie respond to the news. Eddie begins to close all the windows to the room and looks worried that Kevin may come back into the room.
Coop laughing: Low Blow Zoey. Come on, its not like anyone married you either.
Eddie: Jackie is married you stupid ******* goon.
Coop: She is? You are? She is?
Eddie, Zoey & Jackie while leaving: (No response)
Coop: **** man, I'm having an aha moment like you can't believe. Now I get it. She was into me.
Zoey: She was into Eddie.
Eddie: Zoey!!!
Zoey: What!!! She was!!! I highly doubt Jackie just does it with anyone.
Eddie: Zoey!!!
Coop: Dude!!!
Zoey: I could be wrong.
Coop: Dude!!!
Zoey: And the husband (while shaking her head yes), really good looking.
Coop: Another brother's lady, not cool Mr!!!
Sam walks in while Eddie is speaking.
Eddie says to Coop: You ****** Sam's girlfriend!!!
Sam gives Coop the finger and goes to retrieve something. They all are looking at each other surprised & educated.
Zoey: (I'm not sure what she says first-it sounds like Cluster Fridge?) I am out.
Zoey leaves to go join Thor back in the CSR receiving area. They watch Jackie & Kevin have an argument.
Thor: I can see why she keeps him hidden.

The best parts of these 2 scenes are non-verbal. The looks, the way they say the dialogue and the body language. Its as if these are not actors playing a part, these are those characters. Excellent performance. I could watch these 2 scenes over and over and I never get tired of it. The humor is understated as well as a climax of the show up to that point for those coworkers.

Coop showing off his new shoes in the pharmacy room.

Zoey just about to tell Jackie her the husband wants to see her.

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