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An ER nurse who sleeps with a pharmacist to feed her pain medication habit, who happens to also be married to a hunk of a man, has two kids & is really good at her job! It's that great mixture of good & bad that you wish every character could show. Edie Falco is great in this! I'm so glad to see her shine since Sopranos is gone.

Oh come on! I can't be the only person enjoying the hell out of this show!

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2 Responses Jun 24, 2009

I like that Jackie is a whole person. Not just a nurse who has relationships. Tons of shows do this. I'm so glad there are producers out there willing to air HIGH QUALITY screenwriting, editing and directing. It's about time. Plus it's good for Edie to have a role where she's the main character, not just someone else's support.

I really enjoy the aspect of medical comedy-drama from the point of view of a nurse rather than the doctor's club that some primetime shows tend to be.<br />
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I also love how they maximize the sinner vs. saint complex that Jackie has: She does something incredibly loving, then she sprinkles a little vicodin Sweet N Low into her coffee!