One Piece Story Is Related To All Of Us

Luffy has been growing step by step gradually in his way, but one piece and is not just about Luffy his own anime catoon, the rest of the partners they everyone are heros, they have their own stories, have their own dream to chase, have different responsibilities in their team, a doctor, navigator, swordsman, musicians, cook, repairman, precisely because they are the road to fly the charm to attract only joined the straw hat pirates mission. The aggregation, strong in the world, A little Fun One Piece cosplay costumes will be you strong power!

Little pirates, whether it is in front of the strong beat the head broken and bleeding, whether because of suffering and fear, opening up new services, banking corporate wish you a helping hand.

One piece is of a world that has not bad guy at all. Boss does all the bad things that still has his lovely place; they are ambitious for, but only for the initial dream. The world of One piece is belong to powerful man, little fun one piece provides you with a rich visual feast, to dominate the world!

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Ya i agree.