Watch Out For Bikers

It's Christmas Season and the roads are packed with holiday shoppers. Mixed with that traffic are motorcycles. Most are pretty careful, and excercise due caution on the road. Problem is, they don't stand a chance should the collide with a car or truck. Drivers have to be more aware of what's around them. They need to put their damned cell phones down and concentrate on what they're doing. They need to recognize that bikers have the same rights they have on the road. Lives hang in the balance.

I just came upon a wreck involving a bike and a car. The car executed a u turn on a two lane hiway and pulled in front of the bike. The bike clipped the car and the biker was thown some 50 feet. I pulled over to offer what medical assistance I could. The biker was lying face down in the middle of the road in agony. His lower left leg was badly broken. The driver kept apologizing, saying he didn't see him. The biker, a middle aged man was angry and kept yelling that the driver had pulled out without looking. Fire rescue was on the scene very quickly, and the biker was getting the emergency medical assistance he needed when I left him. I'm afraid he'll have a long and painful recovery ahead, and he was lucky he wasn't more badly injured (no helmit).

Please, please, please pay attention out there on the road! I have had good friends on bikes severly injured because someone wasn't paying attention. Be careful out there. In an instance you could take the life of someone's loved one. There are no take backs in this
life, and each of us only gets one shot
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I couldn't agree with you more,having dealt with so many Road traffic accidents.We who drive cars have to be doubly aware of motorbikes and cyclists on the road.I strongly believe all riders should wear a helmet,they save so many lives.
This is such an important message,thanks Dave002 for reminding us all.

Thanks for your comments. I do wish more people would wear helmets. Brain injuries from motorcycle accidents are epidemic.