Reruns On Tv...and Netflix

I watch re-runs that are new to me on TV and have seen a few seasons when I used to have a Netflix account. One of my faves is the Catch A Falling Star one when he is an understudy for Man of La Mancha and falls in love with the music teacher he had a crush on. I also like the one when he is a pregnant teen.

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

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I would be one of those dissappointed from missing the music.

Are they available in box sets?

my fav is the three part one. part one he is the father of the little girl. part 2 he is the boyfriend of the same little girl, part three he is her lawyer.

The Man of La Mancha episode is one of the few I can even remember. One of my favorites too. Always enjoyed watching.