Why It's Better Than Idol

Here's the biggest difference (IMO) between the two shows.

American Idol:  Get down to the last 3 contestants and you can argue that any/all of them should get recording contracts.

So You Think You Can Dance:  Get to the final 10 and ALL OF THEM should have amazing, fantastic futures as professional dancers!  Get to the final 6 and you just want to scream that anyone has to leave the show.  All of the dancers (hell, all of the top 12) are just SO GOOD and so much fun to watch.  OMG!, fun doesn't even begin to describe it.  The dancers they get are amazing, and the beauty of what they are able to perform is really quite inspirational.

SYTYCD is one of the best shows on television!

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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

I agree!

thanks for all who have commented. I still say the top 12 on SYTYCD are ALWAYS deserving of professional careers. They're just THAT GOOD!

Oooh it's almost summer time. Another year I'm looking forward too. Squeeee! I love that show!

So u think u can dance was great..

It is definitely an awesome show!