Take The Good With The Bad

Like everything in the world, South Park has it's good moments that make me laugh out loud and bad ones that are really just disgusting.

I was blown away by Pandemic with The Furry Death creatures trying to destroy the world and Randy's side story of video taping and throwing out "I'm so startled", a reference to Blair Witch Project.

Butters is the MOST awesome character showing up like a cameo some of the time. Playing like he was a zombie when the town was deserted due to the new Wal-Mart. Suggesting that when they moon the new teacher they bend over farther and push the genitals down to give her the salad bowl affect. He's at his funniest when he dons the evil Professor Chaos and has his sidekick General Disarray along with the Minions of Chaos.

Then there are the just completely rude and crude ones like Humanicentipad and the episode of killing off Chef but not before they make him a *********. More disturbing than funny but everybody has different tastes and if you like deep dark creepy comedy, those episodes would be just your thing.
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I do have an iphone but it was a super deal through my ex-carrier. I have to live in the REAL world with my own money so it's my only apple device. I did like how they portrayed apple devices needing software updates all the freakin' time.

You must be an Apple fan, right? :D