I'm Amazed With The Graphic Sex In This Show, Even If It Is On Cable.

My wife and I started watching the new series on Showtime about Spartacus and as the episodes progress we are amazed with the truly graphic sex and nudity on this show.

Now realize that neither of the above bother us, but we are not accustomed to seeing full frontal male nudity on television. Granted there are some occasions that you will see a penis in a main stream movie, but never in a TV show.

There have been a couple of episodes where one of the gladiators is standing fully nude (but non-erect) for examination by the female members of the cast. And I must say, he is very impressive in size, even while he is soft.

The funny thing, the women usually only show their breasts or ***.

Anyone else out there notice this.

By the way, I am in favor of more of this. More nudity and less violence.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

This show is damn near perfect for the time period it portrays... Love it!