Star Trek-one of the Coolest Shows Ever!

I have always found Star Trek interesting.Gene Rodenberry-creator of the series called it once A Wagon Train To The Stars!It may be a bit too cerebral for some but those with a imagination can get it.Most of it is based on sound scientific principal.And the ships.Boy how cool are they.Sleek feminine looking things.I always like the old Enterprise from the movies.But the Sovereign class Enterprise-E is cool as heck.And as far as captains go James Tiberius Kirk could kick the butt of any of them,lol!The olny thing I dont agree with is the character Q.There is olny one Omnipotence in the Universe and that is God.Im looking foward to the newest Star Trek movie coming out in May where they go bak in time to a very young Kirk and Spock on the brand new Enterprise NCC-1701.This will be Star Trek 10.


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Don't agree with your comment about Q. I actually love this character.This show is just fiction...Q is a character..Don't take it so seriously...

I quite agree with this notion.
Q is only a character. Haha, I love Q. x3

It was filmed way before it's time, with the special effects in the new ones, I just laugh to think how "Trouble with Tribbles" would have been with special effects, but nothing beats watching Star Trek, when I got home from radiation or transfusions, or chemo, I would pop in a VCR tape, and go where no cancer pt. had gone before...........I never had a bad time watching Star Trek, and never will. Beam me up.