Have Updates!!!!

The biggest I suppose is that this past weekend Jared got married! Yep, him and the actress that played Ruby in the 4th Season married Sat, his brother was the best man, Jensen was there....He is next.

Jensen has turned down the role of Captain America due to scheduling conflicts. He is out of the running.

The CW announced that Supernatural will be getting a Season 6. Eric Kirpike has said he will be onboard for it as will all the writers. Many MANY questions are being asked the biggest is how do you move past the Apocolypes?


There is talk of what to do with Castiel on Season 6? Will he remain and Angel? Will he die? Will he go back to being Jimmy? Don't know we will have to wait and see...

There is also speculation that Bobby will die this season to save one of the Winchester boys, or it might be Castiel no real word on that.


Look for Pamula the psychic to return in on of the last 8 episodes this season.


You will want to see April 15th episode "Point of no return" It is what they are calling a pivital episode, about Micheal and Dean, I also believe it is the shows 100th episode.


They have cast the role of Pestulance the last of the four horsemen....


That's all I have!!!! Look for the show to return March 25 at 9pm EST...ZOMBIES!

Selendra Selendra
Mar 4, 2010