Update Your Sword Art Online Swords On Time

In Sword art online, the collision between the master is intense and passionate, star pavilion main battle is not only the ultimate strength of competition forces, is the dual challenges of wisdom and courage. Who can hold in honor of the hall, who can make a miracle here, every war will change a dynasty, creating a new story like just Kirito with his Sword art online kirito sword. You will be a member of this dream in the story? Let us fight with passion!

Who will become the Supreme Commander ninety million boundless sea? Who will be occupying the star Pavilion first overlord? In court battle stars in the deep sea, " stars goes " anniversary passion climax "the pavilion main battle " in full swing. The blood and sweat mixed glory war in various services have strong first birth stars court. Behind the war is how to interpret this epic war? And the Lord will have stars Ge rights and rewards do? Let us approach the sun and the moon star Pavilion Hall with your Sword art online swords enjoy the moment of peak heroic war.

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After watching each and every episodes of SOA, I was like "Damn, why am I born in this era?.. Why should I haven't born in future where there may be a chances for virtual reality."......... That would be so cooooooooooooooooooool.... *shining eyes*