The Rapid Advancement Of Technology

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just in the past 20 years mankind has advanced further in scientific knowledge and technological developement than all of recorded history put together.  When I was a teen in the 60's the things we have today could not have been dreamt of, it was even beyond the realm of science-fiction. By the mid 70's the CIA had a (one) computer that took up 16 floors of one building in Washington DC.  Now the touch ipod, which fits easily in your pocket, has more capabilities than the 16 floor computer in the 70's.  The old 'valve' T.V.'s of the 60's are comical compared to the new 3D plasma flat-screen T.V.'s of today.  The next generation of PC's, now available, are touch screen and voice activated.  NASA is now training the astronauts that will be travelling to Mars in 2019 (the official deadline), and they are certain they can colonize Mars by 2030.  What has caused this sudden rapid growth in knowledge and advancement?  It's as though there is an unseen timeclock that began to activate the human mind into a whole new realm, and it's been a survival instinct mankind has posessed for millions of years.  Earth's timeclock is nearly up (give or take a few hundred years).  Movies like 2012 were a rude awakening so to speak, and the time is approaching when mankind will have to find a new world to inhabit. What are your opinions on all this?

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Mal5252 Mal5252
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Mar 12, 2010