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The Discovery channel has the funniest TV series. The Beekman Boys are a swanky gay couple who buys a big farm, in Upper state New York.  It's all organic and neither one knows what they are doing.  Meet Farmer John..he's the goat man. I mean he dearly loves his critters. To make profits, goat milk is the target to make some cash. Goat  milk cheese, goat milk soap and  organic chicken eggs. These guys are lost!  It's very funny watching them around the farm. Wit till they have to start birthing the goats..ROTFL. check it out  cheeky
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The Beekman Boys must not have gotten their show renewed. I kept looking for more episodes & none yet. It was fun. Don't you hate it when apparently your're the only person who likes a new program? Ba Ef''n humbug...It was better then the Kardashians and that ignorant Snookie from Jersey. Oh yeah, I also liked the people & shows that you've mentioned. Will & Grace was brilliant. Thanks for sharing with me , many smiles..Owlie.

Yes Owlie :) wonnnderful desc<x>ription of their show. i adore all the gay guys.. I also watch Nate Berkus every day, i find him extremely adorable, great at interior design. I just love his personality. He is another wonderful protege' of Oprah's. She sure knows how to pick em :) He was recently at her house and talked to her about her garden and tea house or tea room, whatever she called it .. it is her place of serenity where she can sit and have quite time with her cup of tea, a good book or just meditating. She has the best of both, the shelter of inside with the beauty and airy openness of the outside beautiful garden surrounding her. <br />
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I used to watch Will and Grace too and always wanted friends like them, especially Jack. All of them always made me laugh though. It is always cool when a straight married guy can portray a gay guy on a comedy show and convince you he's the real deal :) Carson Kressley was recently on Nate's show. I could eat him with a spoon. He is just adorable too and i miss his show Queer Eye for The Straight Guy. That was such a fun show. All those guys are adorable too. They each brought their own brand of "juj" to the show to fix the straight guy from the top of his head to the heel of his boots :) They transformed his apartment into a thing of beauty too :) It was a great show.. i want it back :) So those are just a few of my own personal favorite gays, may we have many more to follow :) bigggg hugggggg :) Oh i left out Adam Lambert, lusted after by males and females alike :) such a gorgeous guy .. xox

I don't think we have it here in Aust. but I'll check it out if we do.