Ancient Aliens Favorite Now 2 Kinds And Ambivalence May 2012

Well?  What I do Watch Most for my Likes.  Is the "HISTORY CHANNEL".  Ironically I Discovered Back in February 2012 that there was 2 "HISTORY CHANNEL'S" Now.  I think I came across it in 2011 a couple times and didn't find anything good and forgot to check back to see if it was another "HISTORY CHANNEL" worth having more choices.  Now at least instead of having only 1 Choice, a second Channel is offering a 2nd Choice in what is Aired. The Cable Call this Channel "H2".

I was wondering why "Ancient Aliens" wasn't on the Original 'HISTORY CHANNEL" I was watching ... (After some time), until something made me look at higher channels on my Cable and searching and exploring what else I could get. Then when I just happen to come on it having "Ancient Aliens" on "H2" Channel. Then It occurred to me ... (   )  So that's where it went? It's on this other Channel more often now. But it comes back on the Original "HISTORY CHANNEL" as well, but after I find it on "H2"

Well?  Anyway  MAY FRIDAY 11 evening was suppose to be all "Ancient Alien" Episodes by the Channel Guide.  And sometimes I hate it when the Comcast Crew do not follow their Channel Guide.  After having one of the "Ancient Aliens" was suppose to be more. Not when the moment came. The Channel Guide shows me "Ancient Aliens" and instead Comcast is throwing in a New Series on "Number Stats" By two Men. I already saw some of it earlier and I'm not sure if what? This show didn't interest me that much, because it was all jumping around and the men were being idiots. So that really annoyed me that MAY FRIDAY 11, 2012.

I like the Documentaries, but lately the way they make them. Is not quiet in my taste and genre. So I get a scoop of Ambivalence as I Watch the History Channel.
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
May 15, 2012