Once there was a time when journalists tried to guard the public goods.  They watched politicians, our representatives, and took care they did their job properly.  They didn't meddle with their private lives. 

The people watched the news and read the papers.  They knew it was important to them.


Some guys saw how important that was.  They started buying newspapers, radio and television stations and ordered them what to tell to the people.  Journalists lost their credibility as a consequence.  Nowadays the press is struggling to survive.  The prestige of journalists plummeted.


Remember the words of Rupert Murdoch, one of the most powerful men on earth and owner of NewsCorporation, who dictated that a journalist should go for the story people want to buy.  That changed it all.

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Well, I am the public, More.......

especially sad for the public

Geez...this is sad.......... *hugs*

the big times of the trade are over, I'm afraid.... Alas!

I wanted to study journalism before, a dream of a high school student who was coaxed by her English teacher...something got in the way of that dream...or someone.............maybe it was for the better...

it's sad indeed and it makes the world into a more dangerous place, I'm afraid...

Then that's just sad........