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I first started watching "The Twilight Zone" on Channel 11 (NYC station) when I was growing up. They showed episodes in the afternoon during the summer and I was hooked. I loved the twist endings.

When the DVD set was released a few years ago I bought it. Watched each episode in order, having my own marathon.

My favorite episode is "A World of Difference" about an actor who thinks he's really the character he is playing in a show. Everyone around him thinks he's lost it.
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To Serve Man - Another one of my favorites ... I love the dual meaning of the title and the horror in the tone of the code-breaker's voice when she says what it actually means!

how about 'to serve man' ?

I saw that one! It was cool! But I don't remember how it ends. My fave episode is when this old man makes his family members wear grotesque masks for a night, then they take em off and are hideously deformed forever.