Hi all, I have been reading the comics since #19 and am glad that someone took a chance on a zombie television series. I know that it was a risk because in this genre it is hard to have a lasting plot. I mean the basic plot goes like "we are safe, we are not safe, we are safe, etc." The series has always been about character development and human connection. Just like 28 days later and dawn of the dead. Which the AMC series is stealing many things from. Alright, I thought the first episode was money, the second was good, the third was a bit boring, and then the last was as good as the first. My problem is that the Tv series is deviating from the story. First you have Merle, the redneck who wasn't in the series. Then I don't remember the nursing home. I'm Ok with the deviations as long as it pieces together at the end. I have heard rumors that merle will end up being the evil Govenor as the story goes. Anybody else tracking the inconsistencies in the story?
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I love the TV series so much I think I will start reading the comics. Does anyone have:<br />
The Walking Dead Compendium Volume 1?<br />
<br />
I would rather get something like this instead of each comic because there is no way I could afford to buy all the comics separately.

I think those "compendiums" you speak of are more expensive, at least they are where I am. You're talking about those hardbound books right? They have like 2 volumes in them only I believe (but a lot of extras).

Heh, nevermind. I honestly can’t say. I bought the first 4 from a friend for 30 bucks. I think I’m just going to buy the rest online. Each one is volume is $11.51 (haha, that’s what I get for being a member) but the hardcovers are $23.17. So meh, might as well buy the hardcover.

Supposedly it has the first 8 volumes with issues 1-48 and over 1000 pages! OMG! I ordered it yesterday for $40 and I had a $10 gift card so it only works out to be 30 with shipping which seems like a really good deal.

Hopefully it will tide me over until season 3 starts in October.

Scratch that. Comics are better Lol. I'm currently on the 7th issue and yeah, I gotta say, the comics are pretty damn superior. HOWEVER, I still think I like the live action of Rick better in my opinion though. He's like the ideal family man and I really like that. He can simultaneously be a loving father and husband while being a total badass. One part that I find really sweet was in that episode where Carl is recovering after being shot and Carl realizes they have something in common: they both have been shot. Rick agrees, but for Carl’s mother’s sake, decides to stick to the similarity of sharing the same eye colour lol. <br />
<br />
Overall though, I think the comics are way more bold. How do you feel about them not even cussing?

My friend loaned me the first two issues and I can say...I think I like the show better. Heh. I can't believe Rick reunited with his family SO QUICKLY in the comics and it had nowhere near the amount of emotion that the TV show had. It was really touching when Lori was trying to console a crying Carl and when Rick sees them, he's at a loss for words. Really sweet. <br />
I don't have a problem with the Dixon brothers. I just hope they don't have Daryl become this untouchable, invincible Alice from Resident Evil kind of guy y'know? He should be just as susceptible to a zombie attack as anybody else.<br />
Also, I like the fact that they haven't killed Shane yet and are allowing him to develop more. He seems like a somewhat tragic figure. Also, I like the dichotomy between Rick and Shane's leadership. Rick still has integrity and is still holding onto the values of the pre-apocalyptic world while Shane simply relies on whatever gets him to survive.

I've never read the story. I'm good for inconsistencies from book to movie, but when it comes to zombies for me anything goes really.