The Dead Walking, Great!

AMC is now playing with the big boyos.....

This story is mainly to introduce this show to friends in my circle if they have never watched it or may be interested. I discovered the series last month quite by accident and I love it. So if you are a zombie fan, freak, whatever and never heard of AMC's The Walking Dead, then I think you have found your show. based on a comic book series, or, uh, graphic novels, coolness,,,

The first season has six episodes and season 2 should be starting up in October. Enjoy...

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2011

Lexuslourve you may be able to watch them online or I know netflix has it if you wanna try that, I know you can get the first month free... and they are really cheap anyways...<br />

wooo I love it....and that's just the trailers you shared......ghee sad to say i can't get to watch from where I am...hmmm they don't show them here.....uurrgghhh<br />
maybe next time.....they will....<br />
<br />
thanks for sharing......

Pff... I am the walking dead. I get up, stumble around, mumble, drool, and have been known to utter the words braaaaaains first thing as well! But I um, missed this program when it started here though.

I know how you feel there, I have been up all night, been sick the past five days and now can't sleep because I feel like the undead. Brains, brainsssss....