I was hesitant on this series at first.  I am first and foremost addicted to T.V.  I am not stupid or anything like that I just enjoy the fact that I can let my brain relax and let the T.V. do its thing.  I have seen every kind of show there is to see and I have liked quite a few of them.  When I start watching a show I am interested in I will give it at least 4-5 episodes before I will either stop watching or continue.  Most shows do not make it past the initial 4-5 episodes.  When I tuned into The Walking Dead, I gotta say I was hooked from episode one.  At first I was curious on how the special effects/make-up would look.  When I saw the first zombie I was impressed with the quality.  Then I was concerned about who the protagonist was going to be and would I like him.  I am glad to say that I do like the protagonist.  He tries very hard to be the rock of the group but when given the oppurtunity he will open up a bit about his concern that they are holding on by a thread.  I remember the moment I said to myself "Okay I think I am going to like this show."  It was when Rick first woke up in the hospital.  That entire scene was well done.  It did remind me of a certain Resident Evil scene but it was still really good.  The first season was interesting and it kept me wanting more.  The second season is off to a promising start.  Is Shane going to leave?  Will Rick find out about Shane and Lori?  Who is the family that we saw at the end of the first episode?  Where is Sophia?  I am kind of tempted to read the comics to get more of the story but I think I will hold off because the show is so decent I don't want to ruin it.
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Don't worry, you can go ahead with the comics because they're really very different from the show lol. Oh, and poor Sophia. Girl didn't have a chance. I believe she didn't get zombified in the comics.<br />
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I like Rick too. He has this uncompromising ability to see hope or always be looking out for it. Like when they were at the CDC and Doctor Jenner’s telling them there’s no hope, but then Rick quickly rebounds by asking if there truly was no hope left, why did he stay behind. And when Lori and Rick are talking about what to do with her pregnancy with Lori expressing her doubt, Rick is able to realize that deep down inside, she does want the baby, otherwise she wouldn’t have thrown up the pills.