It is very hard to wait until Feburary. I feel like a zombie trying to fill this hunger I have. Oh wait my stomach is gone!!! Where is my arm!! Hey!! don't step on my intestines!! ooo You look good, positively Delicious. mmmm.... :)
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I'm Scared for Lori I don't want the baby to die. <br />
yeah it makes sense that we the virus would infect everyone. It just waits for you to die so it can take Control of your cell that help control the body. so when they get bit its a mutated form of the virus that kills you than takes control. if it true that means no where is safe.<br />
I read a zombie book like that in one part a guy kills his cellmate. his cellmate comes back. <br />
I love Andrea, if my sister was killed I would want revenge against the Zombie my mission in life would be destroy them.<br />
yeah Rick a great leader. In the beginning when the group met Rick in the city I thought Andrea and Rick would be cute together.

Hey, what’d you think of the new episode?<br />
<br />
Rick is so badass! Who would’ve ever thought he’d be capable of killing those two guys! It’s kind of ironic seeing as he once pointed a gun to Daryl’s head and told him “We don’t kill the living!” OH! And I THINK I know what Dr. Jenner told Rick in the finale of season one. I think he told him something along the lines of “Everybody is already infected. Regardless of how one dies, they will all come back as those things.” If you notice in the shootout, after he shoots the fat guy two times in the chest, he quickly shoots him again in the head. He knew if he didn’t, he’d come back as a walker. That’s my theory. In the comics, the bites don’t “turn you.” They just kill you. Just being dead turns you; everybody’s infected.<br />
<br />
Oh, and good Lord! Who taught Lori how to drive!?! What an embarrassment! Really sets the ladies back with the whole pathetic “damsel in distress” scenario. But I think Andrea makes up for that. Damn, she’s really fit snugly into the whole badass skin too!


Yah! One more day!

yeah It does look awesome!! yeah I am getting so impatient.

oh yeah Merle I think he is still alive out there some where. I just hope they leave Hershel's farm soon it making me bored. then again that zombie in the Well was too funny.

Hmm, maybe there is still a chance for Andrea and Dale to get it on? Maybe it does secretly like "want her in that way." I mean, he only did confront Shane after he picked up something was going on between them. Or maybe he was just looking out for her.<br />
What! Lori dies! Thanks for blowing it for me! Actually, I already kind of knew. Makes you wonder about the state of the baby huh? I wonder if the show will actually reach that far into the series and when they come to that point, will they actually kill her off? Man, that would be so messed up.<br />
As for Lori, I don't hate her but I can totally see that she's messing with Shane's head. Not deliberately of course but, damn, she keeps messing with his head. She should have let the poor guy go. <br />
Yeah, sucks about Sophia. Poor girl didn't have a chance. She must not have even lasted a day because Otis had to have found her right?<br />
Oh yeah, I wonder what happened to Merle.

lol that is so funny. they should of had that Dale in the show I Think I would like him more then creepy old guy who has a secret agenda and is trying to be Andrea's father. <br />
Maybe I should look in to the comics more, I was told Shane and Lori died. Lori get on my nerves too. she can't seem to make up her mind. She doesn't deserve Shane or Rick. Like that Shane and Andrea are having little fun. <br />
I think Daryl is my favorite this season he worked so hard to find Sophia. I was really hoping they would find her alive but i guess i figured she was dead. so i'm glad Shane opened the barn plus i want them to get off that freakin' farm.

Yeah, Dale can be a bit of a pain. I wonder if they intended to portray him like that?<br />
<br />
Oh, you know what's kind of gross? In the comics, Andrea and Dale are actually a couple. Blergh! In this version, it's more of a friendly, platonic fatherly-daughterly thing.

He is a great when he is think about the group but now that Rick has taken control he has nothing to do but the near death missions. he needs to leave and find a new group to lead. Dale is really annoying to me sometimes. he is a good guy just really annoying.

Yeah definitely. Man, he went hysterical apeshit at the end before releasing the zombies right? "I'm talking about fighing! Right here, right now!" Totally needs to take it down on the testosterone injections. Every scene he's in I feel will be his last. I'm always on the edge with that guy. I thought Dale was going to kill him in the woods that episode.

I think that if he doesn't leave he is going to get himself and others killed

I know eh? You think Shane's going to die by the season finale?