That Was A Crazy Episode! So Long Shane!

I can't believe how crazy that episode was!!! And its not even the season finale yet!!!

So now all you have to do is die and you are a zombie? Adds a whole new twist to things...means not matter how long you survive you will be a zombie in the end...craziness.

Surprisingly a bit shocked and disappointed that Shane got killed. Now who will be the wild out of control one...that element keeps things interesting. But I'm sure that the hundred or so zombies can handle the "interesting" part of the show for a while.

I'm going to have to watch it again...
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Yeah Shane will be missed. The wild unpredictable character always makes for brilliant watching. Plus, from a woman's POV, there was that sexy bad boy element... Gaaah.

I'll take your word on the sexy bad boy part, I guess I missed that part of the show haha. But seriously, yes an unpredictable character is always interesting in any show. Though I have a feeling there is a new one in the making...can't wait!

Just finished a marathon Walking Dead session. Now I"m afraid to go outside. LOL! Watched the "talking dead" interviews is a famous comic book. Didn't know that.<br />
<br />
Yeah, how come you can kill zombies by bashing their heads in when the CDC guy says their brains are not running the show, only the brain stem. And another thing! This new reveal that everybody is infected. They buried their loved ones when they are dead, that means they were reanimated in the grave! Think about that.... Where's my husband's ba<x>seball bat?

good points there haha

i was glad shane died, i didnt like the bastard, he's like one to backstab :P

Well it looks like Rick is the new crazy one. Well maybe...also have that lady with the armless zombies in chains. She's pretty bad *** dude.

I was looking for her!!! But I didn't see her, wat episode was that ?!?!

oh, I'm mixing up seasons maybe? She's the last episode of the lastest season. DId you get to the barn and farm being overran? Its that episode...hope not giving spoilers! Which I probably am, sorry :P