I Don't Even Like Zombies...

My husband was watching the Walking Dead before we reunited so when it came on AMC I watched it with him and got hooked.UGH!!! I hate/love this show!

It's so gruesome but such good writing, characters and story line. I am trying to prepare myself for the season finale and I can help but wonder if Carol is going to get killed and maybe either Glenn or Maggie; I would hate that with their love story just starting.

Hershel did say that there were about 2 days of food in the basement (for 13 people), if less people, more days but then the zombies would "still be out there" if they CAN even GET to the basement. ARGH!!! I am/ AM NOT looking forward to the season finale. You will find me on the sectional holding my pillow!!!!! ARGH!!!! 
Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
Mar 15, 2012