Talking Dead Last Episode Season 3

Great Episode!  Great last gun fight,  Nice Twist where Rick lets everyone know they are in infected, Anodrea. Laurie Holden, Is one gorgeous, bad *** chick!  She looked hot all cleaned up on talking dead, no blood or guts on her,Andrea running through the woods grabbed the ammo bag running through the woods,  Is it me or did the zombies appear much faster?  Maybe cause there was so many of them?   I like how Darryll saved carol on the bike, He is really a good character!  Glenn kicked *** dead on for pizza delivery mild meek  geek kinda of looking kid...Lori pissed me off when she **** all Rick when he told her he had to shane in SELF DEFENSE! She was soo mad at him?  Dude  really?  his best friend who hooked with his wife?  I'm glad Rick cussed everyone and laid down the law!  then seeing the prison and Andrea is saved by the creepy hooded dude walking around with the zombies on chains with arms cut off..freaky!  I can't wait for fall!  Speculation.. prison..guns..ammo. food..clothes.. they all need showers and hand sanitizer,..and I just saw on tv the commercial for the new  Resident Evil game!   This season  I hope to see more T-dog  they under utlize him and maybe see some new characters...Sucks Dale was ripped apart was real good and losing Shane...he definatley will be missed.
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I agree..and he turned into a zombie!

Those armless zombie were wicked freaky! And I am shocked they killed Shane. I really thought he would just leave the group but stay on the show.