I Already Can't Wait!!!

Omg So AMazing!!! Andrea had me so worried the whole Episode!! I can't wait to see for next season!!!

I can't Wait!!!!
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Also eagerly awaiting new season. When I began to watch the series I thought I would become bored with it. My thought being,How much of a plot can revolve around zombies for an entire series? Much to my delight I found the show to be thought provoking and full of human interest. I also am intrigued by the fact that it is based on a comic book. Genius!

Good Idea! I think i might do that but than again true blood is coming back soon so that should hold me for a while!

I can't wait too. I absolutely love this show and I don't even watch that much TV!<br />
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I just picked up The Walking Dead Compendium volume 1, which is the first 48 issues of the comics that the show is ba<x>sed on. So far it has been a great read, and it's interesting how some parts of the comics are so similar and other parts are so far off that I don't think I'm spoiling anything by reading them. <br />
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Hopefully they will keep me occupied until season 3 starts!<br />
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