Daryl Dixon

What a man.
I think he is just an amazing character - he is real, he is who he is. I love his fearless nature, his rare tender moments, his overall bad *** demeanor - his rough, gorgeous appearance.
Who wouldn't want this man by their side if there ever was a zombie takeover?
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I've been watching Top Model for years (and last year they fired Mr. J and Niles and I'm still p*ssed).  There are all these skills for high level modeling that Tyra tries to teach the women.

But I've never seen a high level male model in action. Norman Reedus is an actor in TWD, but I keep seeing all these Tyra pointers in his acting.  Stuff like know where the camera is, know where the light is, body movement that looks good on camera and also body movement to avoid, because on camera it makes you look weird.

I DVD 'd the marathon and watched the series again, so now I'm seeing more detail.  I couldn't put my finger on it at first until I Wikipedied NR.  Then when I was watching it the second time I could see all the training he's had.  He's got mad skills.

He's so rough on TWD, but so smexy....? More so when dirty :ifyouknowwhatimean:

Daryl is freaking epic!! He's badass, rough, and smart, not to mention that sexy accent and rugged appearance. Mmmmm..I love him.

I love Daryl. I sometimes think I wouldn't watch the show anymore if he gets killed off.

did you see the latest episode???? I don't want to say too much and spoil it on you but.......... Daryl is such a sweetheart!

Yep I saw lol I adore him!!!

Go Daryl!!!
he should be leading the group in my opinion, or Glen, as I have never agreed with Rick and his decisions much.

I think he's pretty awesome. I do have a soft spot for him.


I love Daryl too, he's my favorite character!