Season 3

I just got an e-mail about the making of the walking dead third season. it's a news letter "Dispatches From the Set - Art Director Doug Fick" I'm sure all of you who are signed up with amc got one by now. I thought the Prison would be occupied by the Governor and a full armored platoon there but based on what I saw, I guess I was wrong. Also it seems that Andrea finds her way back to the others. Man oh man I just can't wait for October... it's taking too damn long!!!
If you didn't get to read the article here's the link to it... I hope I can do this here.
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Well, in the graphic novels the Governor isn't in the prison... :))<br />
SO EXCITED, I can't wait!!!

To be honest, No, I just followed the show. But I hear the novels are awesome any truth to that? I can't seem to find any walking dead novels any where around here.

The novels are brilliant.