Is It February Yet?

One more month.


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lol I have just finished re-watching season 1, Daryl was not very sexy at all. But in season 2 and 3!

I know! He got more muscular in season 2...

for me it was more about how he melded with and changed within the group. He is a better person now

Of course. When you said sexy, I thought you meant physically, but yeah - character development has been fantastic.

of course he is sexy! and you can look all you want but do be touching my man ;-P

*raises eyebrows* Looks like we're gonna have to fight over him... along with the other 229,778 fangirls. lol

lol just re-read my reply - it looks like I gave you permission to have him anyways lol

did you get a Daryl doll for xmas?

LMAO sorry I didn't see that. *giggles*

I don't want a Daryl DOLL. I want Daryl.

I *might* go and see him at the Vancouver FanExpo in April. SO excited!!!

you are very lucky to live so close.
all the character dolls are around $25 except for Daryl, amazon was selling him for $300? wtf?
I want the real thing for that price ;-)

I do not live close at all. lol. I live in Belgium. But I have a friend in Vancouver who is willing to put mu up for a week and go to FanExpo with me - she's a geek like me.
I missed Reedus' visit to Belgium last October - I only found out about it afterwards, I wanted to cry... Vancouver will be expensive but still half the price of what it'd cost me if I wanted to go to ComicCon or to Horror Hound Weekend in Ohio. So I decided to treat myself because if I don't spoil myself, no one will!

thats amazing, I hope it works out for you!

So do I! I need to get my boss to agree to give me time off...

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