Forget The Action Figure.

I want Lego Daryl!

DancingFox DancingFox
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Now I understand why you loved the picture of the Lego Zombie Apocalypse so much...

The Walking Dead is one of my current obsession, Joey :)

oh good god foxy!!!!

Isn't it great? I LOVE LEGO!!!

*shakes head* u need HELP!!!

Lego is the greatest toy ever invented. Fact. I still have lego. Hell, I still play with lego. lol

lol i do too

I should invite you over to play lego together!


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broken link for me :(

Let me try and find a better one :)

Any better?

it works and i love it

Isn't it great? I love Lego!!!

me too....and this is uber cute.

If I can't have the real Daryl Dixon, I'll settle for the lego one. lol

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Deg. This combines THREE of my Aspie obsessions. The Walking Dead, Lego, AND Norman Reedus. It's the closest I can get to heaven while still on earth, surely. lol

And please note: I have no interest whatsoever in the actual action figure ( I don't like action figures to begin with.


Oh no Kit. I was referring to the link not working. Sorry I should have been more specific. Yes Lego is a lot of fun. :o)

I fixed it now, does it work for you as well as for Dente?

Works for me!!

its cool huh

I`m actually wondering if my nephew has this one, he has bins full of Lego.

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