Another 'hump day' gone in the sultry sleepy town in the Everglades. Wednesday nights all the locals hit the Tiki Bar to celebrate the middle of the week and kick back a few drinks.
The single moms got to an early start getting the little ones to school on time. Women that often dress like they are going out look like they were hit by a truck. The house wives are not yet working in their gardens and the mill men are going to lunch.
Gator Daves is where they congregate for this hour of gossip and others helping friends remember what they did last night. Most of them are washing down lunch with their own hang over cure.. "Hair of the dog" to go with the ever salty fried chicken and cole slaw. Southern way to cure a hang over. BUT let's not forget the highly important dill pickle.
My favorite part of the day is to watch the ladies sneak to the liquor store. They think no one notices but everyone knows who is who in a little town.
The single men, or the men that want to be single seek out the 'liquor store ******' as we call them. They are typically lonely or in a dead marriage. Yes, in a sultry sleepy town.. You have to appreciate your middle aged alcoholic women. They hold a special segment of polite society together.
HeFeedee HeFeedee
46-50, M
Aug 28, 2014