Words Of Importance For All To Read Because You Are Far From Being Alone In Your Struggles Thrugh Life. . . .

When one begins life in a fashion that is out of order with no upbringing; its confusion with ruffled edges just seems to follow through your existence . . . and as you grow with age and maturity you begin with your mind to look back in remembrances of everything since your birth, and for most, other than dreams, there is just no complete happiness anywhere to be found. Why is that? Because Satan, as god of this world, has always been present as the prince and power of the air to fill all human minds with his darkness of lies that he is the father of with hate, greed, ego’s, pride, into self and not into caring about others and just everything that goes against the ways of Godly character that as His creation are to strive with effort and follow through the words in His book of instructions called the Holy Bible. But we don’t primarily because all lost shepherds who are wolves in sheep’s clothing teach only dissected, twisted and distorted truths of God that no one going to church will ever learn. I am writing these words just to share with you that you’re not in anyway alone in the many various situations of you're life past or within these times which we live and how you can deal with what is now so as to prepare yourself for what soon will be much worse than most minds care to hear, comprehend, or will even accept. Yet because of my love for other human beings of every culture, my heartfelt need is to only prepare as many as God draws for the bad news that is about to arrive prior to the good that shall never end, which is;The Kingdom of God My intent is not to frighten, but to strengthen you all while there is time. [and very little there is] according to God’s advanced news called prophecy that is only accurate truths for today that were written thousands of years ago. If you have any trust for you're sources of information other than God, you are you are walking in blindness that will fatally blindside you. What my life amounts to in comparison to others is no better no worse or about the same as most with only one very important exception. I can deal with all cards of life no matter how they may be dealt just as Job did through faith which makes all of God’s promises true. They may not happen today, but they will be fulfilled because God always keeps His promises. We all need help and mine comes in a spiritual way that just gives me inner peace. You now have a choice. Take my words seriously, or, soon to come, you will wish that you did, or you can just ignore truth as the majority. However, no matter what anyone does, what is about to happen will not change, and what Jeremiah saw in a vision from God concerning us all made him cry and vomit. What is one to do when he is so very well aware of a truth from God concerning the whole human race that no one wants to hear? It’s sad that non-understood truths of reality can hurt with frightening confusion, but to be wickedly blindsided with extremes hurts even worse. God offers His favor in Psalms 91 to those who have the proper intents within their hearts through genuine effort of growing closer to Him spiritually. Because time is so short, hear these words;I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Proverbs 8:17And very soon the early will be gone, and when people are dying and screaming in agonies of the worst horrors out to God; He will not here them. Lamentations 3:8, 43-44
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I am a man of God that's different because its been over eighteen years since God came to me and has kept me alive many times that I should have been very dead through life; and that is because God knows not time and had a purpose for me within these end times of man ruling man with the great tribulation growing closer each day too a world of religious deception that has been led by the father of lies that produced his spirit of error as the god of this world; so all who feel they are saved, born again and covered with the blood while not living by every word of God as it is written are going to soon be dwelling in death and destruction with waste and desolation exactly as it is written. And what wolves in sheep clothing don't teach is the truths that all flocks need to know such as by breaking any of God's commandments you will lose all blessings for the tree of life. Revelation 22:14<br />
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May God be with you for you're very kind words that I thank you for with my heart.