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Last night i was out and about with my daughter Bug ... We went to the new asian store ..and yea their prices higher than then they first open 4 months ago ...anyway ..we then stopped at walmat to pick me up some yarn as i am making my daughter something for her new room ..anyway we were running low on gas and stopped to for a fill up ....and it was really busy my daughter didn't want get out of the suv ..because she was reading a book ..and the sun was just starting to go down ...i told to come if she needed me or to scream if any happen ..but i could see her because my suv was facing the shop ...and i was watching her ...there were maybe ten people in line ahead of me ...the woman in front of me was holding a soda ...the guy behide me had four six packs of beer ...and so i'm looking around and i notice the woman in front of me acting funny ..and then a woman comes running into the shop saying that there is a baby screaming its head off in the paking lot and it's all alone ...woman in front of me said it was her kid and it always screams ...then i said well you should have the baby here with you ..then she said i'm a single mom and i do what i want to do ...then i said how could you leave a young baby alone in a car??? the man behide me then says ..well i'm a police officer and i could call CPS on you ..but i don't care because i'm off duty ....after that the woman gets her soda and leaves ...i pay for my gas and then pump it into my suv ..while i'm doing that i'm almost hit by that off duty officer ...he almost backed into my suv with his monster truck that was so high up it had steps ...my problem with all of this is the fact that it was ok for that woman to leave that poor child all alone where anything could have happen ....and that office did nothing about it ...and before you say i did the same thing think about this ..Bug is almost 14 yr of age ..she knows how what to do if anything were to happen ....
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I kind if get the impression that there are more details to this story than what's written. "I'm a single mom and I do what I want to do", and "I'm a cop and I could call CPS...but I'm off duty and don't care" - both of these remarks seem very exaggerated.<br />
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That being said, I agree...there are plenty of people who simply don't concern themselves with the well being of others.

We live in a "walk on by" society. How did we come to this? Good for you, to have the guts to voice and opinion. I was in a store once and the mother of a child was standing at the exit. The boy was still at the counter and his nose was bleeding and he was crying. Pool of blood on the floor. She was screaming at him to get in the car. Everyone just stared at her and the boy. I walked up to the check-out girl and said, "are you going to call for a first aider or do nothing like all these other people?? A first aider was called. Walk on by society but not for me.

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Thanks for the very nice email you sent me. Regarading this post...YIKES! The cops should have done something more...at the very least...the very least, given that woman a stern talking to, a warning, and copied the numbers on her license plate. Even that is not enough.

I forgot to mention that the woman with the baby does need to be held accountable before something dreadful happens; it is a very upsetting story to say the least. :(

I have two ex-boyfriends who are retired police officers; unfortunately you are best off (regardless of where you are in the U.S.) saying nothing since it could easily come back to haunt you. There are good and bad people in every profession but when it comes to law enforcement "policing the police" is virtually impossible unless it is a heinous offense.

that cop was an *** you should have reported him or called childrens aid what a bunch of idiots