I was just wondering would anyone else consider watching TV and movies a hobby?

I watch a lot of movies and different TV shows and I kinda consider it a hobby.
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I watch a LOT of TV and rent a lot of movies. It is my way of destressing after a hard day of work, or when I just want to stop thinking about a problem or something that is bugging me. If I can't find a particular show to watch, I just scroll thru the channels until I find something. I think I watch too much TV instead of doing other things, but I really enjoy just watching and letting my mind take a break.....

Yes I do. I watch an obscene amount of tv each week ( I also work at a tv station, but I don't count that) but I thoroughly enjoy it. It helps me relax. I have no problem differentiating reality from fantasy or anything like that. I just truly enjoy watching good tv shows. I like to try out the new shows that come on to see if they are worthy of continued viewing, etc. I do not watch to the exclusion of any other social interaction. Just when I am home and want to unwind, I have the tv on. I have a dvr with timers set to catch all my favorites and I can easily spend a weekend with an SVU marathon. To me it's not a waste of time, if I am enjoying it and I truly do. It entertains me. Gets me out of my own head and worries for a little while and doesn't hurt anyone. So yeah, it's a hobby.

If it's a positive influence in your life, then yes, I would say it's a hobby. If it becomes destructive and you lose your job, friends, or family because of it, then it's an addiction.
We gave up our tv 6 years ago because it became an addiction for us. I didn't want our kids to fall into the same pattern we had. We go to see movies every now and then, and I consider that a hobby... but I don't think I could ever handle having a tv in the house again.

Sure! What are your current favorites?

Ah, old man. How you been?

Fine, young sir! It does my old heart good to see a stalwart such as yourself hanging in here. I've been getting discouraged of late, many friends, young women of sweet and gentle nature leaving because of abuse. It takes courage and a sense of humor, plus humility, to endure the foolishness on ep. As said by Mrs. Which in "A Wrinkle in Time", may the right prevail.:-)

yah, ikr

Correction: that was Mrs. Who, not Mrs. Which. Mrs. Who was good for quotes. Mrs. Which was very ancient, and could barely phase in out of a tesseract.

I watch a ton of shows, right now I am watching Orange is the New Black, just started this season of Big Brother, The Leftovers on HBO, and the old GI Joe cartoon on Netflix to name a few

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