Loves It

i love top gear, because you dont have to be car obsessed to enjoy it, you really get a feel for the prosenters and who they are and they are not afraid to have fun, sometimes at each others expense.
you just feel when you watch it like you are watching a great group of friends having a good time and you feel apart of it as if you know them.
plus hammond is so yummy lol. hehe
i think its just an awesome programe and although other programes such as fitfth gear have tired to achieve the same thing they just cant. nothing can match it, it really is just an awesome programe.
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3 Responses Jun 15, 2010

Wow, I absolutely agree with everything that's been said here! :) I'm by no means a car freak, but this show is just great. It makes me laugh my head off, I love watching it, and I really do feel that I'm hanging out with friends when I watch those guys' antics, I feel like I'm part of it. I love them all, they're great together. I really have a lot of affection for those guys, especially Hammond. I love the dynamic between Jeremy, James and Richard, they compliment each other perfectly. And yes, the Hamster is just adorable... :)

oh yes i think its what makes it work so well.

Yeah, the chemistry between James, Richard, and Jeremy is a big part of the show.