Absolutely Loved This Series!

I love all things Trinity Blood! From my wall scroll of Abel and Esther, to the 12 volumes of manga that I have, to the 7 light novels that have been released, and everything that is in-between. I loved the series so much that I actually wrote my own 214 (or so) page fan-fiction, giving the series a different spin than was taken from the anime/manga/novels.

I was sad when I learned that the author/creator of the series had died back in 2004 from a lung infarction....just weeks before the premier of the final episode in Japan.

And that's why I wrote my huge novel-like fan-fiction, to honor, and to carry on the great series that the late-Sunao Yoshida had began.

I realized that this would be difficult to do...and that no one would ever really be able to carry on what he started.

Trinity Blood was the first anime series that I ever was able to completely get on DVD. And I still cry every time I watch the final episode. I give thanks to everyone who worked on this series, both Japanese, and American.

I love the music that they decided to go with! The power in all of the songs! Absolutely breath-taking!

My favorite tracks are:

-Requiem Inori
-Broken Wings
-Broken Wings Instrumental
-Let Me Hear
-Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)

And so on! They're all so wonderful, that I can't even pick just one favorite!

I adore the artwork that was done by Thores Shibamoto for both the manga and novels! And I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to thank Mr. Shibamoto over Twitter.

And while people say that the series was too short, and should be continued on, I say that why should we attempt to finish an already good thing. Sure the ending wasn't exactly how we thought it was going to be, but, use your imagination and end the series in your own way.

Does Abel and Ion find Cain and put an end to him? How well does Esther rule Albion?

The things that were never answered in the series, can all be answered by your creativity.

But for the first series that I actually fell in love with, and the series that inspired me to write my best fan-fiction ever, I'm glad that it is, what it is. And that it was how Mr. Yoshida wanted it to be.
DoctorChurchie DoctorChurchie
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2011