Stacey London is da bomb!!!!

Clinton is a cool dude!

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4 Responses Jul 8, 2008

Stacey and Clinton are tremendously funny to me. Their humor makes the women they help relax i'm sure and enjoy the experience of transforming their wardrobe. I love to see the positive changes in their self esteem and getting a new sense of style they can keep with them forever. What a great show :) Glad you guys like it too :) xox

they are funny and stacey and clinton have great chemistry together, i don't know if i would want them scutinizing me like that epcicailly if its an ofit i partically like, They do have an amazing fashion sence though

i adore clinton kelly, he cracks me up, especially since he reminds me of a dear old buddy of mine from theater and acting class. stacy is hilarious too. they are my is conan o'brien.

I like their reactions to what the person they're helping in an episode picks out sometimes and if they disagree they suddenly pop out of nowhere to help them.