The Night She Took A Large Pennis

About a year ago, Karen and I were at a swing club looking for a man for Karen to have fun with. We were sitting outside at a picnic table alone watching people going about their business. At one point I excused myself to go to the rest room, for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was to leave her alone so shy single guy's would come up to her and strike up a conversation. I was gone for about ten minutes and upon returning noticed that a rather athletic black man had sat next to her and was talking to her. So I gave them a little more time and went to get a drink.


As I returned again I can see that look of her being horny and she and she was now leaning back on him so he could get a good feel of her 42DDD boobs and her big nipples. She loves her boobs played with and it is the fastest way into her panties. So I went over and sat down a few feet away and we talked a little bit and Karen introduced us to each other. After a few more minutes Karen decided we needed to go to a room because she was getting extremely wet.


Once in the room they wasted little time getting each others clothes off. As Karen kneel ed down to take his underwear off she slowly pulled down,,,, then she reach the end of his **** and it sprung up some and bounced up and down. She looked at for a minute and then looked over at me and said OH MY GOD! This thing had to be a strong 10 inches and so thick she couldn't't wrap her hand all the way around it. She gave him the best oral she could and did some of it with no hands, it turn es me on watching her chase that thing around with her mouth.


So it came time for her to take that monster in her *****, she put a condom on him then she laid on her back and he took about 10 minutes getting it all the way in her. Once he got balls deep her eyes rolled back in her head and the ******* started. He did her good in several positions, but when she was getting it dogie style I laid under her and sucked her nipples which just totally put her over the top. After about 45 minutes of just getting completely stretched he came and she just collapsed and laid there about 10 minutes coming down. The guy got dressed and thanked us and left. I could not take it any more and had to get mine. She was so stretched and loose but was so hot inside I did not last long and came so hard in her that she felt me filling her up, wow what a feeling. When she stood up it all ran out of her and down her legs. We cleaned up and dressed and drove home with a smile on our faces.

daveandkaren daveandkaren
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10 Responses Mar 16, 2010

she got totally ****** stretched out of shape and had the best sex of her life.
So is she going to be satisfied with you now?

That was hot! Does the ***** tighten back to normal? If so how long does it take?

She was back to normal the next morning, about 8 hours later.

Loved your story, thanks

i wish we had the courage for that one day please please

Thanks for sharing the story DaveandKaren! I have read many times that lots of women do not find size important.... But I can say a dominate personality with a huge c*** can cause a woman to get lost in the sex and wanting it again! Good luck and enjoy!

That was hot. But it would have been better if you would have gone down on her after he came!! WHEW!

Great story....I hope you keep posting when your wife gets her ***** stretched some more.

This has been going on for about 6 years. She is starting to slow down some, but has done that in the past. The oppertunity will rise again and she will go at it again.

Thank you, it sure was a fun night

Wow! That was really great!