My Wife's First Black **** Experience

About seven years ago after 25 years of marriage both my wife (Rose) and I (Sam) faced the issue that our sex life was really very much in the doldrums. Worse yet, neither of us really took any initiative in rekindling it. From my perspective, I felt she had lost her desire which I assumed was an effect of aging. She'd let herself go and consequently was a bit out of shape, gaining a few pounds and starting to sag a little, though firmer than most women her age. In her eyes, I'm sure she felt I'd lost interest, which quite frankly, I did.
I'm in a profession very closely associated with the music industry and though I'm not much of a social butterfly, I nonetheless do attend quite a few music and entertainer oriented events. Naturally, Rose sometimes accompanied me. One observation I had consistently noted over all the years of our marriage was that whenever we were at a table or out socially with a group that included Black men my wife's nipples would harden, so much so that it was quite evident through her bra and blouse. Also, after such social evenings, she was definitely much more aggressive in bed.

In 2005 we went to Miami together, she to visit her sister and I to attend some of the events at the annual Hip Hop Festival. On the first night of the festival she joined me for dinner and drinks. When we arrived at the restaurant it was very crowded so we had to wait at the bar where we met a few young black men I knew. As in the past, I noticed that Rose had "perked up" both emotionally and of course her nipples, which the guys couldn't help but to notice as well. In fact, I'm pretty certain that when she excused herself to go to the ladies room, she returned with her blouse opened one button lower.

When our table was ready I invited the guys to join us, and all but one couldn't (one did- Harold). So the three us spent an hour or two dining during which we all drank generously. My wife, who enjoys wine, was uncharacteristically animate and obviously excited with this twenty-something young man as our dinner guest. I also was starting to get aroused by her excitement. After dinner, I suggested we all take a walk, which we did despite the heat and humidity (which was a point below unbearable!)
In a short while, the time still being only 9:30PM, I suggested we get a few cold beers and enjoy them in our room, inviting Harold to join us, which Rose enthusiastically seconded. Remarkably, all three of us knew what was about to occur, yet never mentioned or spoke a word in advance.

We arrived at the room and lounged around having the cold beers. Very little small talk was made, as I was extremely aroused, and so was Rose who was also a bit - and genuinely so - tipsy. I immediately started kissing and fondling Rose and Harold said he was going to shower. Rose's p**sy was so wet that that her undies were thoroughly drenched through.

I sat Rose on the couch and ******** her down, leaving her panties on because I wanted Harold to see the wetness. Sitting next to her, I continued to kiss, fondle and finger her until Harold came out from the shower. When he did, he was stark naked and walked right over to us. He stood there looking at Rose naked except for her panties and surely noticed their inky wetness.
Rose's attention went immediately to his young, strong body, focusing after a moment on his ****, which though larger than mine, was not the BBC of legendary proportions. I removed myself from the couch and got on the floor putting my face into Rose's still covered *****, kissing and licking through the wet undies. Harold took my position on the couch kissing Rose while intermittently sucking her huge ****. Rose's hand went immediately to Harold's **** which seemed to be only semi hard. As she stroked, it appeared to thicken and enlarge but not get "hard". The contrast between her white hand and his rising black **** was very erotic. Harold stood up and Rose lifted her leg over my head to stand up with him where she pressed into him kissing passionately, without ever letting go his **** and pumping it hurriedly. I was now behind her, and still on the floor, so I slowly pulled her panties down and planted some tender kisses and licks on her *** and between the rear of her thighs, the whole area literally flowing with her juices. She had never in 25 years been so wet and I attempted to lick her dry but the juices kept flowing. Harold put his hands on her shoulders and gently nudged her to her knees and as she was going down kissed his body along the way. On her knees with her hand quickly pumping this black **** she was now facing, she began kissing and licking it. Harold pulled her face close in and fed his **** head into her mouth. She sucked his **** with an energy and gusto that I never knew she possessed, and all the while she kept say she wanted to feel him inside her.

He walked her to the bed, lay her down, face up and mounted her. She came literally within one minute and had several loud, moaning and tearful *******. She shuddered so much that I feared it would result in a seizure. She calmed down so deeply that I thought she had passed out, just laying there with Harold on top of her. He assured me she was OK and then pulled out and rolled over onto his back next to her. I got on the bed and lay on her other side, lovingly holding one of her hands. Rose was lying between us, eyes half closed and in a dreamy hypnotic- like state of being.

Remarkably, Harold’s **** was now rock hard and as he lay there it was pointing straight up. He sat up and began stroking himself with one hand while his other hand took one of Rose’s hands which he placed on his balls. I realized at that point that Harold hadn't *** while he was ******* her. Rose obliged and began rubbing his balls and giving him a hand job. Harold rolled onto his side and kissed her and then rode up on the bed a little so that his large rigid **** was directly on Rose’s lips. Rose knew what he wanted and was very slightly reluctant but Harold was gently persistent and shortly had her nibbling his **** head with her lips while he continued to stroke his shaft. His stamina was remarkable and after a few moments he pushed his **** head deeper into her mouth and began ******* in spasms. Rose took every drop of it without saying a word.

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Nice story Sam. I hope it stirred up your sex life with your wife. You should always consider a stranger ******* your wife with a condom though. Good luck anyways.