I Didn't Want To Believe It

My wife Angela began working at non- profit helping troubled kids. Angela is a short brunette( 5') with big ****, she's what you call a pocket Venus 34 dd ****'s 19 in waist and 36 in hips with a cute up turned nose and and small cupid like lips.After working for the non- profit for few's weeks I noticed she would arrive home form work very horny and we would **** for hours.About a month later I she asked me to go with her to fund raiser for her non profit. When we arrived she began to introduce me her co- workers. most of her co workers were young black men in the there early twenties. Angela was was 36 at the time.Anyway the fund raiser had any open bar to loosen up people to donate money, Well the drinks flowed and everyone was dancing and have a good time.I noticed that the young blacks were really enjoying flirting with my wife and she was flirting back which surprised me because she was raised In Southern Louisiana with parents which hated blacks they would disown her for just the flirting I went to the restroom and when I came back I found dancing with a young black guy named Tyrone he was 6'4' and and built like a linebacker.Which I later found out he was in college.So Angela gets horny when drinks and she enjoying dancing with Tyrone. The song is a slow song and see her almost disappear in his arms I see he grinding against Large black guy when the dance is over she comes over very flushed and says she needs go to the restroom. Tyrone goes over and I here him telling his buddies How Angela was grinding his **** on the dance floor. When Angela returns she dances with several of Tyrone' s When returns from dancing she's says she hot and wants to go out side and cool of while get her another drink She's still gone when I get back so I go looking for see her and Tyrone going in to a near group home curious I quietly follow them in I hear make see his large hands on her **** and *** I hear her moan with pleasure. I has blouse and skirt off which seems seconds I see his hand rubbing her *****. I hear him ripoff her panties I hear moan again And tells she to suck his black **** I move closer to watch the action when I see the light go own I hear Angela let out a protest I move even closer i can't believe my eyes there's Tyrone' s two buddies sitting the couch stroking the hard *****. I hear Angela say she won't do friends Tyrone"s say will or I'll tell your husband she says she'll blow them both he's buddies stand up and walk toward Angela stroking there ***** i watch as she takes one of the guys in her mouth and starts sucking Tyrone and the guy have the hands all over Angela rubbing her **** and **** Angela is getting turn on more and more I hear beg for Tyrone to **** her Takes her over to couch were she gets on the seat and bends over so her head is over the back so she take one the mouth and from the back at the same time. Tyrone whisper to his other Buddy to **** her from behind Angels begins to suck harder on the other guys **** thinking she's finally going to get ****** Tyrone Tyrone buddy is ******* her hard form behind ans she's sucking the guy The guy in her mouth begins to groan and you can tell He's about to *** in her mouth The ******* her face hard and and you can see his *** leaking out around Angela mouth you see pleasure on her face his friend continues to **** her from behind. Tyrone now takes his place in mouth Angela looks with surprise as she realizes she being ****** by the other guy Tyrone pushes his black **** into her mouth Angel is is getting pounded from behind that guy is about to *** in ***** you I see Angela's body start to shack for ****** I hear say he's coming Tyrone and his buddies take turns in mouth and **** for another hour Returning my little wife well ****** I asked were she's been she say sleeping it off in the car
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I would love to watch 2 or 3 blackmen hold my wife down push her skirt up then open her legs and rip her tights and knickers open then use her *****and mouth while I watch

Wish that was my wife