A View In The Window

Last night I dropped over to visit a friend of mine. As I was walking up the steps to the deck at their house I noticed they were standing in the living room embracing. I continued up the steps and as I got to the top of the steps I realized they were completely naked! The lights were turned down and the fire was on, and it quickly became obvious the heat in the room wasn't all from the fireplace.

Knowing that this would likely get a smile from both of them I waved to them and continued toward the door. When there was no response, I came to realize that it was darker outside than in and they could not see a thing outside. I was simply not visible. Should I continue, stop, turn around .... interrupt, or just let them continue and back away.

What would you do??

Tell me what you would do and I'll finish the story!
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

Well, three for three!! They were in full view, of the windows, lights were on and they could care less who was coming up the steps.<br />
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So, what did I do? I stayed on the deck and watched them progress from just embracing to some heavy stroking and then one person dropped to her knees and I could then see my friends shaft sticking straight out! And his wife was sucking wildly on his member.<br />
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It wasn't very long before they assumed a 69 position and the heat in the room became serious! Of course the situation on the deck was becoming very liquid as my juices were flowing and I could not keep from stroking in time with the activity inside. <br />
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I stayed long enough to see that my friend took his wife for a huge ****** that night...she enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, I enjoyed it .... and we all enjoyed it later when I told him about my adventure on his deck!

If their there in full view then they want to be watched...so watch and enjoy, with<br />
one hand on your*******

I would watch them and *******

just open a beer and take a seat, enjoy the show.