First Times I Saw Young Couples Having Sex

The first time I saw live sex was when I was about 11 or 12. My parents had brought me and my older brother and younger sister down to their holiday cottage in Ilfracombe in Devon. We went to Woolacombe beach one day and eventually I was tired of just sitting around as most kids my age would be, so I wandered off through the dunes just exploring them and not thinking anything else. After about 15 mins walking I topped a dune and looked down to see a young guy in surfing gear with a girl - guess now they were about the same age as Geoff, my older brother 16 - 20 kissing standing on their towels in the hollow between the dunes. The young guy had his wet suit half off and they were giggling as they kissed and whispered stuff to each other. He was stroking her upper arms I remember and then, as I watched, she said something to him and kinda playfully tugged at the front of his suit that was flopped over, from his waist down, between them. Next thing he started pulling it down and I could see he was naked underneath it!!! He was a good looking guy - I recall thinking "what a great *** he has", I could see its muscles ripple as he moved from one foot to the other to step out of his wet-suit. He was very smooth, pale but with some freckles and his *** and upper thighs were paler than the rest of him.  He had a nice toned body and kinda longish hair, still wet. When he turned to face the girl my heart quickened even more, cos I saw my first fully erect ****!! I'd seen my big brother naked and knew I'd kinda been interested to see what his **** and balls were like. I'd walked in on him once and at the time I didn't realise why, but I knew at the time, that his **** was different to usual but it was only a year or so later I know now that he was on a semi when I walked in and he turned round, panicked and asked me what I wanted and why didn't I knock before I came into his room? But here I had a full view of a lad about Geoff's age, fully naked and had a full view of his (actually very decent sized) fully hard **** and quite big, obviously pretty smooth and much darker coloured nut sac!! As I watched this pair, the girl looked him up and down and as she got closer to him, she reached out and put her hands between his legs and cupped his balls, he moved towards her, slipped off her bikini top. She had nice firm breasts and not too big, deep pink nipples. The boy bent down and started to suck her nipples /kiss her breasts. I know I thought to myself that she really loves him doing that, from her reaction and I felt really horny watching it!! After a few minutes and more whispering, moaning and giggles, she knelt down in front of him and took his **** in her mouth.  She sucked and licked him, gradually taking more and more of his hot, thick, hard **** deeper and deeper into her mouth. Sometimes she'd stop, let it slip from her mouth and kiss along its length, pull back a bit look at it and stroke it, smile up at him and kiss his manhood again along its shaft. Once or twice she buried her face deeper between his legs and from the angle of her head I knew she was licking his ball bag - the second time she did this she took his bag in her fingers and stretched it out from his crotch and I could just make out the shape of his two big nuts shining in the sun from her saliva all over them. She bent her head and kissed his boy bag, and started to suck each nut into her mouth. He let his head fall back a moaned out loud as she did this so she kept this up for about 4-5 mins. As she was doing this, his thick hard **** was twitching and ******* on its own, from the pleasure she was giving him sucking on his nuts.  My **** was totally hard watching it thinking " wow so this is what a blow job really is - I'm actually seeing one and I remember thinking how I was actually as turned on by the young guy and his great looking body as I was by the girls sexy breasts and nice naked body.

After about 15 - 20 mins more kissing and touching they lay out on their towels and the boy got the girls bikini bottoms off and moved to lick between her legs - this really made her moan and cry out a little and after 10 - 15 secs I realised she was really really loving this - I was also transfixed on his back - how his muscles rippled - and his great butt cheeks with their great definition! As I watched he straightened up, moved up between her legs - I instinctively knew what he was going to do. Quickly I scooted around the top of the dunes - always watching them as I scurried along - he was leaning over her, a big grin on his face (he was actually very nice looking - fine features and his hair was getting more light brown/ blond and kinda wavy/shaggy as it dried in the sun)

When I was sideways-on to them he was leaning over her kissing her, her hands resting on his butt cheeks stroking them, as they looked into each others eyes. He straightened up and put his hand to his mouth, then stroked his **** and as I watched I saw for the very first time a boy, opening a girls legs and slide his beautiful hard ****, into her warm wet lovely *****!!!!!!!! I was feeling myself - confused a little cos I was turned on by both the young guy and the girl and not knowing on whom to focus. She was crying out as he rocked to and fro and slid his hands all over her beautiful body, stroking her **** and playing with her nipples and sometimes bending down to kiss her. Then he stretched out on her properly and they kept ******* for another 5-10 mins I guess. After some time - they stopped and he rocked back onto his heels and brought her up, to sorta sit on his lap. He stood up with her arms around his neck and I could see him sliding her down onto his hard ***** as she wrapped her legs around him. He was moving her up and down on himself, as he stumbled around - him gasping, her moaning - I'll never forget those sounds as long as I live - his face buried in her boobs. He knelt down again and let her fall gently back onto the towels keeping her legs around his hips and really started to plough her ***** - he was grunting loudly and she was squealing - he was really hammering her ***** now and I had my own **** out touching myself - next thing she started to writhe around and was trying to grab onto him but he kept out of her reach - her back arched up off the towel and he was really thrusting himself into her as far as he could and at times I could hear his ball sac slapping off her as he pounded her ... I know now that her screams and arching up her back, was her orgasming back then I didn't't know why but by then he had gone almost rigid and was just making short very quick stabs with his hips, as he was dumping his juices into her - the look on his face was pure pleasure and I can still see how he looked as he emptied his sac into her. It was amazing and I spilled some of my early juices too watching them. I knew I'd been away from my folks too long so I cleaned up as quick as I could but stayed long enough to see the young guy slide himself out of the girl, all shiny and glistening as he did!!!!! It was amazing and really made an impact on me, as I can still see almost every move they made and how their bodies and faces looked. They were the same age then I guess, as I am now, so I know how horny they obviously felt getting with each other. It was really erotic, very hot and horny and actually very beautiful! Thanks whoever you were :)

The next time I saw anything like that was 3 years later on a beach in Grand Canaria and it was two lads ... even better!!!!!!!!!
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Really hot story. Thanks for sharing.

Wow, amazing story, cant wait till you write the story about the two dudes. Haha

One day I was biking along a trail that passed close to a secluded beach area. As I was passing I could see a truck parked on the beach, and someone was standing on the running board of the passenger side. As I got to the opening in the trail I could now see that it was a guy, sporting an erection and his girlfriend who was topless was standing on the ground in front of him, giving him a bj! I stopped my bike, and just as I did the guy looked over and saw me...he immediately dropped into the cab of the truck and slammed the door shut, leaving his girlfriend standing there topless, wondering which way to run! She covered her top and ran around to the other side of the vehicle...and that was all I saw...but I had a chubby for the rest of my ride! I would like to have seen more, but they were obviously not intending to show anything. Had I been the girl....I would have been ticked off with him...he just left her exposed and slammed the door shut !!

That sounded awesome. Well detailed too. Got hard reading it and would have got off watching it. Can't wait to hear about the next time.