Amusing Memory.

The last meteor shower I watched was last year sometime. I was still living up in PA and I had been waiting for it rather impatiently. My plan was to curl up in a blanket with my (then) boyfriend and quietly watch together. I didn't take his impatience into account, and within ten minutes he was back at his desk playing World of Warcraft. I sat by myself for a bit, and my phone rang. Was one of my favorite EPeeps I ended up spending some time on the phone with him, not really talking much but experiencing the meteor shower together. Was pretty cool, and I didn't have to spend the time completely alone after all. :)
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

Yes, its hard to enjoy astronomical events with impatient people. I had a similar experience and maybe someday I'll write about it (for an eclipse). Astronomical viewing requires patience and wonderment. You really can't expect it yesterday when you appreciating the universe. Its one of those things that you must be able to just enjoy being and experiencing as it is in its full glory.