Audrey Gets Spanked And Soaped!

My two younger sisters, Gretchen and Audrey, got spanked along with myself on a regular basis. Mom was the executioner, and the spanking was always topped off with a large enema for good measure. But there was one infraction that got us more than a spanking and enema, and that was using foul language. Mom did not tolerate girls with potty mouths, and we knew we had to keep civil tongues in our heads if we didn't want to endure her special punishment.
Our little sister Audrey forgot that one fine day.
Audrey was all of fourteen, and she and Gretchen were playing an after-school game of chess at the kitchen table. She was in her school clothes of skirt, blouse and knee socks, as was Gretchen. They were both good chess players, and I enjoyed watching them play.
Gretchen made a good move that got Audrey's king in great jeopardy, and Audrey became frustrated. "Oh you flaming *******!!" she swore, probably good-naturedly, but the fact remained that she said it.
Mom seemed to appear out of nowhere. Before we knew it she was standing behind Audrey at the table.
"Audrey, did you just say what I think you did?"
Audrey was suddenly at a loss for words. "Uh, well...uh..." she stammered.
Mom continued, "You do know what happens to girls who have dirty mouths, don't you?"
Audrey tried to explain. "I...I didn't mean it, Mom. Really, I'm sorry."
"Answer my question, Audrey!"
Gretchen and I were getting nervous. We knew Audrey's behind was already doomed to the hairbrush. One well-tanned heinie coming up!
Audrey said, "They get a spanking."
"And what else?" prompted Mom.
"An enema."
"And also...?"
Now Audrey was scared. "Oh, no, Mom! Please, not the soap! I'm sorry I said it, really!"
"And," said Mom, "you're going to be a lot sorrier. Scoot to the bathroom and get out your friends!"
The girl who was condemned to a spanking had to go to the bathroom, where our tannings always took place, and get out her "friends"--the hairbrush, enema set, Vaseline and also clothespins for pinning her skirt up for the punishment.
Mom turned to us. "And you two may accompany her so you can see what happens to potty mouth girls."
We followed a very dejected Audrey down the hall to our big bathroom, where she tearfully began getting out the necessary equipment for her tanning. We could hear Mom in the kitchen, mixing Audrey's enema.
"Gretch, I'm sorry I called you that," Audrey whined. "I didn't really mean it."
"It's ok, Aud," said Gretchen. "I'm sorry you have to get a tanning for it."
Gretchen and I had been through many a tanning, and sometimes we also got a mouthful of soapsuds in addition. But we always felt sorry for our poor little sister when it was her turn.
Soon Mom came in with a big pitcher of sudsy enema solution, with the bar of Ivory soap still swimming in it. She filled the red enema bag, closed it off and hung it from the shower curtain rod, and slipped the bar of soap into the sink.
"Audrey," she commanded, "take off your shoes and stand at attention!"
Trembling, Audrey took off her penny loafers and stood in her gray knee socks that matched her gray pleated skirt. Mom raised the skirt, showing a little pink half-slip, and raised the slip as well and pinned them both to Audrey's waistband with four clothespins. Audrey looked into our faces as she was being prepared, and began to cry in anticipation. Then down came her pink panties to her sock tops, leaving her behind and thighs bare and ready. Audrey was nervously holding the lethal hairbrush in her hand as she stood there at attention.
Mom raised up her own skirt and showed her girdle and gartered stockings before she sat down on the tub's wide rim. She didn't want to muss her clothes so she always spanked us in her girdle.
"Cross my garters, young lady!" said Mom. This was her standard order to go over her lap for the tanning, and why we nicknamed getting spanked "Crossing the Garters.".
A very tearful and scared Audrey climbed over Mom's garters and lay there with her little naked bottom pointed toward us so we could watch it turn red under the hairbrush.
"Now, Audrey," said Mom, "can you tell me why you are getting your heinie tanned?"
"Because I called Gretchen a bad word," sniffled Audrey. "Please don't tan me, Mom! I won't do it again!"
"I hope you won't after I'm finished with you," Mom said. "Your sentence will be fifty paddywhacks, an enema, and a bar of wet soap in your mouth."
"Oh, nooooo..." Audrey wailed. She was never very good at taking a tanning.
"Which cheek do you want slapped first?" asked Mom.
"Neither one!" Audrey cried. "Please don't tan my heinie!"
"Choose," Mom snapped, "or I'll just double your sentence!"
"My left cheek!" Audrey yelled in desperation. "My left cheek please!"
"That's better," said Mom. "Now hand up the hairbrush. And remember to count your paddywhacks, loud and clear."
"Yes, Mom."
Holding the brush in her left hand, for she was left-handed, Mom patted Audrey's left buttock and brought the brush down with a snap. "OW! One!" cried Audrey. She was already crying. Gretchen and I would usually hold out for several spanks, but none of us ever made it to twenty without breaking down in tears. Audrey didn't wait for number two before she started yowling.
We watched as her poor heinie blushed, then darkened into an angry pink, and finally turned a hot red under the hairbrush. Audrey wagged her tail from side to side in an effort to get away from the spanking brush.
Audrey was yelling so much that she missed the count on spank number forty. But Mom had a remedy for that--four extra spanks on the backs of the girl's thighs.
"Forty!" said Mom with every extra spank. "Forty! Forty! Forty!" Audrey's thighs now sported two pink lozenges on each bare leg. Then WHACK! on her right cheek. "WOOO! FORTY!" Audrey howled.
The tanning continued. SLAP! "Aaaah-haaaa! Forty-nine!" SLAP! "Waaaah! Fifty!" Then Audrey had to say what we all had to say at the end of the spanking. "Thank you for tanning my heinie!"
Now it was time for the enema. But first Mom asked me to bring the bar of soap from the sink and wet it. I obeyed, and handed her the slippery bar.
"Audrey, open up!" Mom said.
"Please, Mom--not that!" Audrey implored.
Poor little Audrey had to comply. Mom placed the bar of sudsy soap into Audrey's open mouth.
"Now close," Mom ordered.
Then Mom patted a goop of Vaseline on the surface of Audrey's little rosebud, and slipped the black nozzle into her waiting heinie hole. She wiggled the nozzle to test that it was well-seated, then clicked open the stop valve and began the enema.
Audrey groaned, then slurped and glubbed through the bar of white soap as she filled up. She took nearly two quarts of the solution, and Mom, being a trained nurse, finally decided the girl had had enough and clicked shut the stop valve on the red rubber hose.
Mom removed the  bar of soap with a wet "slurp!" sound so that Audrey would be able to talk, but left the nozzle inside her anus. "Now, Audrey," Mom began, "what have you learned from this experience?"
Spitting out soapsuds, Audrey said that she learned never to use foul language on either her sisters or anyone else, and to keep a clean mouth at all times. Then she begged Mom to let her up to poo.
"Not yet," said Mom. "Open up again."
"No, not again, please!" Audrey wept.
"Do you want more paddywhacks, or another enema?"
"NO! NO!!" Audrey implored. "My mouth is open!"
Back in went the wet bar. After five minutes of agonized withholding, while Mom pressed Audrey's spanked cheeks together with the nozzle between them  to help hold in the enema, Mom finally popped out the nozzle and a very punished Audrey was allowed off Mom's garters and over to the waiting toilet with the soap still in her mouth. When she sat she let out a gurgly muffled yell. Then we heard the sounds of blessed relief. Audrey was allowed to do her business, then Mom gently removed the soap from between the miserable girl's teeth.
"Now you're clean at both ends," Mom observed. "Wipe up, rinse out, and go do your Hour of Shame."
With her panties still down and skirts tacked up, Audrey shuffled painfully to the sink, rinsed out her mouth to rid it of that awful-tasting Ivory, then trudged to the living room corner, there to stand at attention with her nose in the corner and her reddened heinie and thighs on display, for one full hour. During that time she was not allowed to speak, or have anyone speak to her.  After the hour was up, Mom entered the living room, unpinned Audrey's slip and skirt, and sent her hobbling upstairs with her panties around her ankles. Once in the bedroom, she ******** and put on only her pajama tops, leaving her well-heated bottom exposed to the air. Later Mom went up and patted cold cream on the girl's red cheeks, but did not invite her down for supper, Apparently the bar of soap was enough supper for her! Next morning when she came down to breakfast, Audrey had to stand at the kitchen counter to eat. She was unable to sit for two days.  Knowing what awaited us, we were none too careful about watching our mouths. Even to this day, I try not to use bad language even though there is no one around to wash my mouth out with that awful soap!
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good job. although the punishment is a bit severe i think.

All of that for a naughty word? Ouch.

Mom expected us to be ladies and to talk like ladies. She encouraged this by using the procedure in the story to keep us from using sailor talk. Luckily for us it did not happen very often. But the usual spanking routine consisted of the hairbrush and the enema. Soap was extra. To this day I am always careful in keeping clean language, so I guess Mom's method had its benefits!

Did the frequent enemas at such a young age lead to a desire for anal sex in adulthood or a loathing of it for you and your sisters?

Well for me anal sex did remind me of enemas so I didn't engage in it very frequently. As for enemas, remember that they were not very frequent and neither were our spankings. I would say each of us averaged a tanning about once every two or three months--far less time than what could be called "frequent." Still, we didn't like spankings or enemas and never grew to like them. My sisters don't like to talk about them.

I was fortunate enough to where it was that it seemed like I was always sick with respiratory and asthma related issues,, so there was some compassion on me and I never got the soap. Didn't ever get any enemas as a means of punishment either. Though my white small *** was definitely painted red on many times.

I found enemas as an adult, my first experiences was with a girl 25 years younger than me, a med student, she also gave me several prostate massages, we had a lot of fun, it was nice to be taught something new

I got enemas too for medical reasons, not for punishment. But sometimes they were associated and preceded by a good bare bottom spanking if we refused. And an enema with a red sore hiney is not a nice experience. Same happened with injections, If we were rebel when needing this kind of treatement we finally got with a very red bottom.

please add me here

Never got the bag, but did get the bulb. Laying over the knee squirming with a sore bottom. Listening to the gurgle of the bulb as it filled. Feeling your cheeks spread apart and the tube going up your butt. Then the gush of the water and the feeling you were going to explode and it happening over and over. And finally the torture of standing next to toilet and wanting to desperately sit down but fearing more punishment if you did while you suffered the agony of the cramps and the embarrassment of knowing you would be watched as you release it all. It was a miserable experience.

See? It happens to a lot of people, doesn't it? Yes, it was a truly miserable experience for me and my sisters, and you sound like you've been there!

I can see where an enema would be absolutely horrible after a spanking. At that age there were no walk in the park for medical reasons. I guess that I was lucky that it was always daddy that attended to my offenses, although I didn't feel too lucky at the time. -- DD

Our dad left us when I was 5 so Mom did all the disciplining. We were an all-girl household so there were no boys to get spanked in front of. But still, it was embarr4assing to show our bare behinds in front of one another, especially when spanked and given an enema. The one consolation was that no one was allowed to laugh at the girl being punished. This was considered serious business!

Great description

Thanks, Eli--it's like I was there. (Well I was!).

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My mom was a spanker. I didn't like it but I learned right from wrong

Apparently Osiris does not allow a response to his criticism, but as for myself I never realized that teenage girls don't play chess. Not only did we play chess as teenagers, we played chess in elementary school. We don't all limit our play to dolls.

Girls never use foul language, either. They're sugar, spice, and everything nice. ;)

Yeah, tell me about it. And we're also too cute to get spankings and enemas. I wish. Thanks for coming to my rescue.

This is a long and tedious fantasy. It may have gotten your rocks off as you wrote it, but sorry, it doesn't get mine off. From the fact that teenage girls never play chess to the fact that there is no reason but your fetish for a spanking being followed by an enema (why on earth?) everything sounds...invented. Have fun.

Another great story. You have a great talent for writing. I wonder if your mother would have punished the same way, with siblings watching, if you had had a brother? When I grew up spankings were usually family affairs (small houses, big families) and everyone got to watch, whether they were the same sex as the kid getting spanked or not.

I think she would have, but I can't say for sure. Even with us girls she was careful to keep our skirts dropped in front to cover our "woo-woo" when we were prepared, so it's likely she would have done the same for boys. The focus of attention was the bare hind end, not the private areas.

wow, clean thoroughly at both ends inside and our a very tough lesson learned. great story.

Mom didn't fool around when it came to girls swearing. When I was a sub in the same high school where I had been paddled. I heard the girls use the most foul unladylike language that would embarrass a sailor! Maybe they need a dose of what Audrey got. And ironically, Audrey works right across the street from the school, so she can hear those girls cursing every day! I wonder if she thinks back on her own punishment when she hears that?
Thanks for the compliment!

Another great story, Pam. I'm spending a good part of today reading stories....nasty day here so staying inside...and I truly enjoy yours.


Thanks for your approval! I'm glad I helped to entertain you on this awful day.

Hi BadPam
I was wondering if you have a good relationship with your mom now?

Also, how do you discipline your own children?

qbert, refer to my latest story, The Spanking Stool, to see how I disciplined my girls. All things considered, I don't think it was too bad an ordeal for them!