Whipped With His Own Belt

I was raised in an all-girl household. My Mom spanked my sisters and me on our bare bottoms, and the girls who were not spanked had to watch the girl who was! Needless to say, we grew very used to seeing one another with our panties at half-mast, both over Mom's knee and in the large bedroom which we all shared, getting ready for bed.
Not a boy in sight.
As a country girl I had plenty of opportunities to play in rural settings, in the woods, the fields, and the meadows. Nor were my friends exclusively girls. Both girls and boys were members of our group, so we played gender-neutral games like tag and impromptu softball, or explored the barns that many of our parents owned.
Such a friend was Billy. We played together, sometimes read comic books, and even played with his collection of toy soldiers and cowboys. I had a Jane West action figure, and Billy had G.I. Joe, and the two dolls played house as if they were married--without the sex of course.
We were about 12 years old when Billy and I took a short cut through a neighboring farmer's field. I watched where I stepped so as not to get my sneakers dirty, and I was careful in how to play in a skirt. But Billy was none too careful and got his shoes caked with wet brown mud, which he tracked on the asphalt road surface and right up to the front door of his house, where we were about to settle in for some comic book reading before I went home to supper. Billy's mom was hanging laundry on her backyard clothesline, so she didn't see us come in.
We were in the living room. Since we were mixed company we always were told it was improper to play in the bedroom, so we gathered in a neutral place.
"Billy!" came a very angry voice from the kitchen. His mom had finished the laundry and was bringing in the laundry basket. That's when she saw the muddy footprints.
"Billy, look at this place! Look at the floors!" She pointed to the mud tracks. "Did you walk through the house with mud on your shoes?"
"I don't think so," Billy said.
"Look at your shoes!"
Billy raised a foot and looked under the sole. The mud was dry and caked.
"Pamela Ann, what about your shoes?"
I Kicked up my foot in the rear and peered over my shoulder, which as a young lady I had been instructed to do. There was no mud. "No, Ma'am, no mud," I said respectfully.
"Billy, you are going to clean these floors of every trace of mud--do you hear me?"
"Yes, Mom," said Billy, obviously relieved that nothing further was about to happen.
But he was seriously wrong.
"And," continued his Mom, "I'm going to take off your belt and use it on you!"
Billy's face clouded over. "But Mom! Pamela Ann is here!"
"Don't tell me she's never had a spanking or seen one," said his mom. "What about it, Pamela Ann?"
"Yes, Ma'am," I replied, "with the hairbrush."
"Well, Billy gets the belt, and he knows it. Now, Billy," she said, "take off your belt and give it to me!"
Billy looked at me in shame. As for myself, I didn't know what to do. Should I leave? Billy's mom seemed to have every intention of making me stay and watch.
Billy's belt was a wide leather affair, obviously good for more than holding his pants up.
"You know what to do!" said his mom.
"Please Mom, not in front of Pamela Ann!"
"Do it!" she commanded.
Turning his back to me, Billy unbuttoned his denim jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, then went back for his white Fruit of the Looms and pulled them down as well. There, for his shame and my shocked embarrassment, was his white behind, naked for whipping. I didn't know where to look, so I cast my eyes down and looked at my feet. I had never seen a boy with his pants down before.
Billy's mom took him by the arm and led him to the back of a living room chair. Poor Billy had to hop along with his pants down to keep up with her.
"Up and over!" his mom ordered. indicating the back of the chair with his own looped belt.
Billy hopped up and lay over the back of the chair, balanced on his tummy, with head down toward the seat and his trouser-clad feet hanging down the back. His mom lifted the back of his shirt to get a good clear target. then with a loud THWACK! lay the leather across his bare cheeks.
Billy gasped but did not cry out. Apparently he wanted to show me he could take it. A pink loop appeared on his bare heinie.
THWACK! again. The leather belt made an awful sound, like a small firecracker. He tried to lift his legs in back, but was quickly ordered to let them hang down.
THWACK! came the third lash. I began to cry in sympathy for my friend. His buns were sporting red stripes like a zebra.
The whipping continued. Billy still made no sound, but mentally I was counting each time the leather smacked across his quivering behind.
Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
My own heinie began to ache in sympathy. I knew what a spanking was like, having been raised with them, and I knew how much my Mom's hairbrush hurt on my own bare. I had never felt a leather belt, but I could only imagine the searing pain.
Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.
Was his mom never going to stop? This was awful! Why did she make me stay and watch this? Maybe it was to teach me a lesson as well. I was so glad there was no mud on my sneakers. Maybe she would have had me there over the chair along side him, with my skirt up and panties down. I wondered!
Thirteen. Fourteen.
"OW!!" yelled Billy.
His mom stopped the whipping after she applied number fifteen across his striped dumplings. I suppose she waited for him to cry out before she stopped.
"Okay, get down," she ordered, "and from now on you will remember to take your shoes off before tracking mud all over my rugs! Pull your pants up."
Still showing me his rear and avoiding his front, Billy bent over and carefully pulled up his underpants and jeans. He was sniffling, but not crying aloud. I think he took that whipping very well, and I was impressed!
Billy took his belt back and threaded it though the loops of his denims. Except for what seemed to be a very sore heinie and equally sore pride, he asked for the carpet sweeper for the rug and a mop for the kitchen.
"I'll help," I offered.
"Thank you, Pamela Ann," said Billy's mom. "That's very sweet of you."
Sweet, huh? I had just watched my friend get a behind full of welts. I think I was more scared than anything, and offered to help clean up to take my own mind off the whipping.
His mom left the room to fetch a wet mop and carpet sweeper.
"Billy, are you all right?" I asked anxiously.
"Yeah, I'm okay," Billy said. "It wasn't that bad."
"It looked awful from where I was standing," I admitted.
"Aw, I get this all the time." he laughed. "Too bad you had to see it, though."
"Yeah," I said, "I could have done without the show."
"Don't you get spanked with your pants down?" he asked.
"Well," I said, "sure I do--but only in front of my sisters. And they don't have anything different from what I have."
"You, uh--you couldn't see nothing, could you?" Billy asked apprehensively.
"Naw," I reassured him
I helped Billy clean the muddy tracks, then went home for dinner.
At the table I seemed to be more quiet than usual.
"Pamela Ann, is something wrong?" asked Mom.
I had to say it. "I watched Billy get a spanking with his own belt," I said.
"With his pants down?" asked my little sister Audrey, sounding somewhat amused by the news.
"Well," I said, "isn't that how we get it?"
Mom chimed in, "That's the only way to get it. I'm glad to hear Mrs. Dowling knows how to handle misbehavior."
Audrey laughed. "Wow, cool!" she exclaimed.
I admitted, "I didn't think it was cool. I felt sorry for him. I thought Mrs. Dowling was gonna do the same with me!" Then I thought for a moment. "Mom, would you let that happen?"
Mom replied, "If you were equally guilty, and you were in his house, you should get the same punishment."
Well now I know. And knowing my Mom, did I really need to ask?
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By Billy's belt being a "wide affair," do you mean thick leather, like one of those tooled belts, or wide? I figure thickness of a belt's leather is the main determinant behind this belt's "bite."

From what I remember it was a tooled belt and looked pretty thick. Remember this was over forty years ago and I can\'t remember the exact dimensions. Tooled belts were fairly common where I lived, and the County Fair always had a leather shop where a guy made tooled belt to your order. My friend Laura was whipped with such a belt that was made for her dad, with six-guns and cowboy hats on it.

Those belts were made for whipping...the worst case scenario. I wonder if Laura\'s bottom had impressions of guns and cowboy hats after a whipping.

Laura probably got severe whippings, as just a few strokes from that kind of belt can set the bottom on fire...especially, if she got them bare bottomed. Were you ever at her house when she got a whipping? Now that I understand billy\'s belt better, Kudos to him for not crying out! I think I would have already been whimpering after a couple of lashes. Billy should have worn one of those light canvas belts, knowing that him mom regularly whipped him with whatever belt he was wearing!

Laura told me she usually got five lashes for a misdeed, but for serious or repeat offenses she got ten lashes, ******** completely naked. I held the strap in my hand, and I sure wouldn\'t want even five lashes with it! I doubt if there were any cowboy imprints on her skin, but I\'m sure there were some wide stripes!

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did u enjoy watching him.

No I didn't! I never enjoyed watching anyone get spanked, not even my sisters. I always felt sorry for them.

Wonderful story Pam. Although I never got any tanning's in front of neighbourhood girls I did get it in front of my girls cousin bare bum a few times and also saw her get it bare too, Not very embarrassing since we got used to it and after all was family. Both Mum and Auntie {being sisters} were keen spanker s But that didn't help our sore bums.

I thought I would die from embarrassment when I had to watch that! It was the only time I ever saw a boy spanked on his bare. Normally it was myself and my sisters watching each other.

Great story.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Pamela Ann

Billy's mom seems border-line sadistic. A prolonged public whipping for simply dragging mud into the home is excessive. What would she have done if he was caught shoplifting...the electric chair? Secondly, having you watch was Billy's real punishment. Ever since its inception as a punishment, whipping was intended to be a public spectacle, as the presence of an audience of spectators is half the punishment...especially if the witnesses are the opposite sex. Billy's being whipped in front of "the girl next-door" was the ultimate punishment...an act of emasculation. His mom seems to have derived joy from this.

Know what, Steve? I have to agree with you! As strict as my Mom was, I don't think she would have spanked me for dragging mud into the house. I would have been made to clean it up, after a finger-wagging lecture. Spankings were reserved for serious stuff. This incident showed me that there were parents out there who were even stricter than Mom! On the other hand, notice that my Mom agreed with Billy's mom and her punishment!

If you think that's awful try standing there watching it!

Did you keep it secret, or tell all the kids at school about the whipping Billy got? I know that 99% of kids would spread the news like a wild fire. If you didn't, you are truly special!

I must be truly special then, because I did not want to embarrass him further by telling the whole school that he got a whipping. That is not what a real friend would do.

Perhaps, Billy sensed your compassion during the whipping itself, and instead of being embarrassed, was comforted by your presence. I wish I had a quality girl friend like you growing up.

Did you ever get sexually turned on from reminiscing over that whipping? After all, it is somewhat erotic for a boy to be publicly whipped in front of a girl.

I never liked seeing whipping, spankings or paddlings. I always felt sorry for the person and surely did not get some sort of erotic thrill from it. My sisters and I were hairbrushed with our panties down so frequently that it simply became a sight that I grew used to. Besides, girls are more turned on by touch than by sight as boys are.

I think it was kind of you to have empathy for Billy, and you were there to comfort him in the end. You were a good friend to him.

Wow I never seen any of my friends get a bare butt whipping. Myself and about 5 other girls got paddled once. I went 3rd so only got to see 2 girls get it and I hardly knew them..

I was really surprised that Billy's Mom made me stay and watch the show. I guess she wanted to embarrass him further. I know she embarrassed me! I didn't know where to look. Thankfully I never saw any other boys whipped on their bare bottoms, but I had to watch my two sisters get it that way with Mom's hairbrush.

a whipping behind closed doors is plenty embarrassing

Pamela Ann, you are a great writer. As I read this story, I pictured you as a preteen country girl. When I read about your school paddling, I pictured you as a sophomoric young adult; a teen on the verge of adulthood. You portray atmosphere well.

Teresa, thanks for the compliment. Actually I was a 17 year old Senior when I was paddled. I wish I had been a sophomore--the humiliation of being spanked might have been less at a Sophomore! But I was indeed a country girl and still am.

Reminds me of my youth - when my Aunt would have my mom get a belt, to show her what i needed.

Coming from the garden on to my mother's nice clean floor with muddy shoes was a sure way of getting spanked. I might have remembered once or twice to take my shoes off before coming into the house, but that was it. The other times it was - well, you can guess.

Cute story Pamela Ann. Thanks for sharing. I know you got your bare heinie blistered plenty of times with the hairbrush but if you ever are curious about the belt, I would be glad to give you a good lickin' with it.

I'll pass on that, thanks. Just watching Billy get it was enough to make me glad Mom used a hairbrush.

Well, I'm not so sure I agree with you as in my case, having experienced both the hairbrush and the belt, I would say the hairbrush is worse. But that could be just because my mom was a much more vigorous spanker than my dad.

This so reminds me of when I was young. My mom believed in the belt

Was it your own? That's even more humiliating!

Yes, it was i still have it till this day. She would make me go to the "switch tree" and pick my own switch. Be good my friend

Yea, I got em on a regular basis too. Sometimes just in case I be bad. Done me some good too. I've never been to jail. You all should read my story: "My trip to the moon" This dude enjoys igniting the afterburners.

This was my big fear growing up, that a girl would see me getting spanked at home. It was bad enough just to have anyone hear it. I think I would have been much more embarrassed than Billy was with you. Thanks for sharing your experience.

I know what you mean about the shame. When I was in Catholic grade school when a boy was to be paddled (girls were spared that humiliation) the principal dragged him from her office to his classroom, where he was bent over a desk and paddled in front of the whole class until he was completely broken down in front of all the girls. I know some of the girls enjoyed watching this, but I never did. It always filled me with apprehension, and of course I felt sorry for his shame.

As a boy, far back as I can remember, spankings were always something special. So much fear, embarrassment, shame, and pain. The whole event was also like a terrible but exciting thrill to think about. When I saw or heard someone getting it, I had many strong emotions. Except for the physical pain, those feelings were similar to getting spanked. I felt very sorry and embarrassed for the one being punished.

This is true. Except for the one getting spanked, usually everyone thought it was funny. However, my sisters and I were forbidden to laugh at each other when getting it. On the other hand, paddlings at school were always jocular news, as my girl friends at the table thought when they christened me "Bad Pam." Hey, one girl wanted to call me Olga Sorebutt. I declined the suggestion.

I think some might laugh as a way to deal with the awkwardness or embarrassment of the situation. Then some people are just sadistic or insensitive. Calling you Olga Sorebutt doesn't seem like a good way to make you feel better about your paddling, unless you thought it helped to laugh at the pain.

That's pretty much it--I had to laugh even though I was terribly sore on my sit-down. Remember, I volunteered for this--he didn't intend to paddle me until I suggested it to him. So I guess I laughed at the stupidity of the whole thing. As you remember, I even made a joke while I was being paddled.

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did anyone other than your sisters witness your spankings? Me and my brothers were spanked in front of extended family and friends. My parents believed a healthy dose of embarrassment might make us think twice about misbehaving when company was visiting.

No, only my sisters. Mom made our tannings very momentous occasions, and so not to be seen by neighbors, friends or other relatives. If there was company, or if it was a school night, Mom postponed the tanning until a more suitable time. We hated this because it gave us extra time to stew over what was inevitably coming!

My spankings were very humiliating but at least I got them over with quickly

As you know from my stories, my actual spanking was over in less than three minutes. It was all the trappings that went with it that took up most of the time, so that from the march to the bathroom to trudging painfully up the stairs to my bedroom the time was about 90 minutes from beginning to end.

My parents felt the same about the embarrassing aspects of a spanking, as well as my aunts and uncles. So it was not unusual, especially at family gatherings, for me or one of my sisters, or one of my cousins, to have our bottoms bared and strapped in full view of everyone. I was always mortified, especially since the girls, I had 6 girl cousins within two years either way of my age, ALWAYS seemed to be right there as soon as my dad took off his belt. It was like they had radar.

My Mom was careful not to tan us in front of relatives or company, but she made sure my sisters and I were present to watch each others' spankings, as I related in my stories. I guess it was because our tannings were so involved, as well as so personal, that she didn't want to make a show of it in front of company. In watching Billy get a whipping on his bare bottom I must admit I was as humiliated as he was, especially since I had never witnessed a boy in that situation before! It was pretty scary now that I look back on it.

Immediate family spankings are a little different. Getting spanked in front of my sisters was a little embarrassing, but we saw each other in various stages of undress many times. Getting it in front of my girl cousins was another level of embarrassment. I never felt so exposed. And seeing one of them get it the same way, while quite pleasant, never made up for the embarrassment I felt when it was me. Maybe it's a macho boy thing.

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Thanks Pam! Your stories are very well written. I Enjoy reading them!

Thank you!