the Movie

So i go to the local blockbuster. It's summer i'm bored and everyones at home, so i pick up a few movies. I see this one movie i remebered seeing the preview for. I remembered liking the preview so i got it.  I knew it was R but usually that doesn't matter, usually the movies that are rated R aren't loaded with the F word, nevermind some of the scenes, which held no nudity, but might as well have been. Just cause you can't see whats going on with two people in a bedroom doesn't mean you can't here it. Never mind the dialogue filled with stuff  you don't want  hear about infront of your parents.

So i'm sitting there with my mom and dad. My face goes red, we're all just sitting there pretending that what just happened didn't, till low and behold my dad can't take the akward tension and goes to another room. My mom didn't care as much, she never does, but never the less this was a whole new level of, i don't the right word but basically it was worse than anything that had occured in the previous.

From now on i will always doublecheck what the rating was given for, and ask the guy at the counter if he's seen the movie or not, and how it was.

Jake Jake
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 31, 2006

I watch a lot of films with my son. He's eighteen now, but he's always been very open. I'm more embarassed than he is to watch sex scenes and such with him.