American Pie With Dad

I was Thirteen. American Pie came out, and my father and I watched it together. Talk about the most uncomfortable moment ever. Here I was, a young female finally understanding all what sex and lust was about.... the last thing I wanted was to watch something about sex with my father.... and yet we did.

I remember clearly. We were sitting on the couch, and for most of the movie I was giggling self conciously at the parts I truely found hilarious, perched precariously on the edge of the sofa with my hands on my knees, facing slightly away from my father.

Dad was sitting upright and also on the edge, clearly embarressed though a few times a laugh or two escaped from him.

We didn't laugh as much as we wanted to I recognize now, due to the simple fact we were extremely uncomfortable with each others prescence. Me: Oh god, I shouldn't laugh at this, he'll know I know what it means and he'll be mad was my foremost thought.

I can only assume he was thinking "oh god, I'm watching this insanely funny movie about sex with my 13 year old daughter, I must not laugh and clue her in on the naughty parts."

Now Dad and I have great old laughs, even about **** clips. Time sure does change things!
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You know ... even though im 19 now i still that have that momemnts !!! <br />
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Its ok to talk about these stuff but watching it on TV is still embarssing . its like hes think whats going on in my sons head and me : whats going on in my dads head . or pants loooool . sorry cant help it . <br />
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at the end ...i know its normal and laugh about it later .

I am 17 and I feel like I am comfortable to laugh at dirty jokes with my parents. I mean, I don't laugh at bad dirty jokes, just the ones that are OK to think is funny without having a dirty mind. I think it is a bonding thing; something that makes our relationship different from my younger sisters and my parents.