New Doctor...wife Gets Full Examination

I have to admit, I have always been turned on at the idea of my wife being examined by a male doctor. I mentioned this interest to her one day while we were being intimate and told her to include me if the opportunity ever came-up. Previously her doctors had been female and my interest in observing was not the same. 

My wife, Elaine is very attractive. She is a gorgeous in my eyes, brunette, very curvy and fit.  Many of my friends tease me that I do not deserve her.
She has always been active, either dancing, yoga or general excercxise. About five years earlier, she had decided to enhance her bust line and had implant surgery. She did not need it in my mind, but If it made her happy, she had my support.

We moved to a new house and town several years ago. A few months after the move, Elaine got a minor rash on her leg and sought a local doctor to get some help. She talked to some neighbors and made an appointment with Dr. Mitchell...a general MD but also a dermatologist. He was able to get her in pertty quickly and she seemed to like him. He treated the rash and suggested that she make an appointment for a more thorough skin examination. She took his advice and made the appointment.

She told me about her upcoming examination and I thought maybe this was an opportunity to tag along for the thrill of it....Although I really did not know what a skin exam included. I was not sure if she remembered my secret desire but I was determined to be included if possible. Three weeks later we visted his office together. After waiting for an eternity in the lobby, finally the nurse called Elaine in and I followed. The nurse took some vitals and then handed Elaine a gown and told her to get undressed. I could tell Elaine was nervous but she stepped behind the screened wall and began to take off her clothes. She called me from behind the wall and said "do you think I need to take off my bra and underwear?"  I froze for a second and then without thinking told her "probably not, just leave them on."  Ughh, Did I just blow my opportunity?

A few minutes later, Dr Mitchell knocked and entered. He said hello to Elaine and introduced himself to me. He was mid fortyish in my estimation, about our age I would say. He asked Elaine to sit on the table and explained what he was going to do. The exam included basically looking for signs of anything suspicious. Since it was her first time with him he mentioned it would be baseline exam that could be used for future reference. He said that he wanted to look at moles and possibly photograph them.  It all sounded interesting to me.

Doc asked Elaine to lye on the exam table face down. I was pretty excited at that time and positioned myself to watch. He started by looking at her scalp and then neck and shoulders. He opened the gown to expose here back side. "You left your underwear and bra on....I will need to have you remove them in a bit" he said. I was really excited at that direction. Later, Elaine told me she was embarrassed when he said that and remembered my secret wish.

Doctor Mitchell examined her back and then moved down to her rear-end. He told Elaine to lift the mid section of her body and then proceeded to remove her underpants exposing her perfect butt. She had a small mole on her inner left cheek and that brought out the camera and ruler.
He asked Elaine to spread her legs so he could get a good photograph. I could only imagine what he was seeing at that moment.

He finished-up on her back side and then asked her to turn over. She did so being sure not to expose anything. I watched as she struggled to make that happen. Next he looked at her face and took a couple of photos. Next he took the gown in hand and began to roll it down just a couple of inches at a time. I watched intently knowing it was just a matter of time. He adjusted the table so that Elaine was not laying flat on her back. Instead, he propped the table so she she was just leaning back...almost sitting -up. Maybe that was done for her comfort.

Since her arms were still in the sleeves, he then announced that he needed to remove the top portion of the gown. I watched as the gown was pulled forward and off. He then said "your wiill need to take off your bra now." She popped the clasp and reluctantly removed it exposing her beautiful breasts. Elaine was clearly cold or excited because her nipples were rock hard. Doctor Mitchell then asked if she had breast augmentation. He must have been able to tell just by looking, although I thought she looked perfectly natural. Elaine said yes and they began to discuss the specifics, timing, doctor etc.
He told here that the surgeon did a nice job as her breasts were nicely sized and shaped. She said thanks in a bit of a quiet voice.  Elaine had a small mole next to her right nipple and doc decided to photograph her breasts. She had to sit straight-up for the photos which got me totally aroused.

The doctor continued the exam and worked his way down her abdomin. Still topless, he then removed the gown down to her knees. She was now totally naked in front of him. Elaine was always into grooming her pelvic area and she looked great with just a small landing ***** of hair. Doctor Mitchell asked here to open her legs as he carefully looked her over. He noticed something there that was cause for photos and took about six or so shots.

He finished up the exam on her legs and feet without any concern. By the end of it all, Elaine layed totally naked on the table. I just sat there and thought "what a great experience." Just when I thought it was over, he asked Elaine to stand-up so he could take some addtional photos. He shot her from the front, sides and rear. He reassured her that the photos would remain totally private, but were necessary. 
He suggested that Elaine should have the exam at least bi-annuually. That sounded great to me. I cannot wait until the next one.

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4 Responses Oct 17, 2010

its exciting to have someone you love exposed or shown off. it's been an exciting part of our relationship

I would like my wife'breasts and nipples to be subject to an intense examination by TWO doctors. Or any other experience involving her **** and two men and me watching. It's not about the size (she'got B cups) but rather about arousal and seduction.

Well told.

Very erotic story, i too love when my wife was touched by the docter in front of me,we too had a simillar experience.i can understand what a turn on it will be for we husbands.